The National Court forces the dairy employer to raise the salary of 30,000 employees


The National audience has positioned itself this Thursday on the side of the unions and has supported the decision proposed by the Workers’ Commissions (CCOO) and obliges the National Federation of Dairy Industries (Fenil) to pay the thirty thousand people who work in the sector the Salary increase that corresponds to them, as reported by the union. Fenil sources assure ‘La Información’ that they respect the decision of the Justice and, in addition, they add that they are assessing the sentence with their legal services.

The ruling estimates the claims of Comisiones Obreras, which demanded that definitive salary tables be established in 2022 with a 7.2% increase salary (5.7% by the CPI and 1.5% agreed). As for the provisional tables of 2023, this union requested a rise of 2.5%. In turn, companies must now pay arrears of 2.5% for the entire year 2022.

In the process, Fenil has been defending that the parties agreed to renegotiate downward if 2022 closed with high inflation. Just the opposite version of the one maintained by the unions.

From Comisiones Obreras they have explained that they sued the dairy employer for failing to comply with the salary review of the collective agreement that affects the employees of the 200 companies that make up this sector. From the CCOO they have declared that they hope that “the categoricalness” of the sentence will lead the employers to “assume that they have to comply with the agreement” and sign “urgently” the salary tables in the agreed terms.

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