The minimum that will be charged from now on for dependency pensions


The Ministry of Social Rights and 2030 Agenda and the autonomous communities have reached an agreement to modify the System for Autonomy and Dependency Care and to be able to establish an amount of at least between 100 and 200 euros for dependency care benefits. In addition, they will increase the maximum amounts in the case of aid for care in the family environment.

This proposal, which will still have to be reviewed and approved by the Minister council, specifically provides that the benefits aimed at family care, service or personal assistance have a minimum of 100 euros in degree I of dependency; 150 euros in grade II and 200 euros in grade III. It is expected to benefit more than 700,000 people In a direct way.

In the case of maximums, benefits aimed at care in the family context will increase by 17.65% in such a way that the 153 euros will become 180 euros per month in the case of grade I dependency, from 268.79 to 315.90 euros in grade II and from 387.64 to 455.40 euros in the case of grade III.

Aid linked to the service

A similar case is foreseen for the aid linked to the servicewith an increase of around 4.5%, with which those of residential care service equal the maximum from grade II to that of grade III, that is, 747.25 euros. On the other hand, the aid linked to the service of day center equals the maximum of grade I to the 445.30 euros of grade II.

The aid directed to the personal assistance will also increase by 4.5%: grade I will increase from 300 to 313.50 eurosgrade II will go from 426.12 to 747.25 euros and grade III, from 715.07 to 747.25 euros.

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