The Government expects that more than 30,000 new self-employed workers will register in 2023


The Government foresees that the total number of casualties and registrations registered during 2023 in the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers (RETA) is 553,652 and 584,028 respectively, therefore, this balance is expected to be positive and show a total of 30,376 new self-employed in the communities of Spain.

In a response from the Executive registered in Congress, to which Europa Press has had access, the Government offers the total of registrations and cancellations in the RETA, including the Special Agrarian Systemfrom June 2018 to November 2022. Until November 15, 2022, 589,073 registrations and 584,261 cancellations were registered in the system.

These figures represent a total of 4,812 new self-employed registered, but these data are much lower than the 55,711 records of 2021. During 2018 a negative balance was recorded, as there were more cancellations (403,600) than registrations (399,303). Which implies a minimal regrowth of the recorded data.

By autonomous community, Madrid was the region with the highest number of registrations (84,831), but also the one that registered the highest number of cancellations in this registry (82,874). Nevertheless, The Madrid region managed to close with a positive balance of 1,957 self-employed, something that did not occur in the province of Barcelona, ​​where there were 74,044 registrations and 74,605 ​​terminations, which represents a negative balance of 1,439 workers. Likewise, the Balearic Islands were the ones that registered the greatest increase in self-employed workers in the RETA, after recording a positive balance of 2,673 workers.

Regarding the gender of the self-employed worker, in 2022 344,119 men and 244,622 women registered. As for the casualties from the system, there were 346,866 male workers and 237,060 female workers who left RETA. According to data from the Association of Self-Employed Workers (ATA), Spain closed 2022 with 3,324,048 self-employed employees, compared to 3,325,252 in 2021, 1,204 fewer workers.

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