The future Financial Customer Ombudsman buries the controversial rate of 250 euros


Goodbye to the controversial fixed rate of 250 euros to banks for each claim from a client, who agrees to process the future Financial Client Authority. A norm that had united in the rejection of institutions of the weight of the Bank of Spain (BdE) and some of the partners of the Government such as Esquerra Republicana (ERC). Specifically, reports Europa Press, within the presentation of the Economic Affairs Commission of Congress, a majority of political parties have agreed to replace this system with a annual fee for complaint resolution activity. In this way, the change of position of the PSOE in this matter, verbalized a few weeks ago by the economic vice president, Nadia Calviño, culminates.

Your amount will depend on the direct and indirect costs, including those of a financial nature, amortization of fixed assets and, where appropriate, those necessary to guarantee the maintenance and reasonable development of the activity for which the fee is required. A proposal included in a compromise amendmentwhich bears the signature of the PNV, Junts, PP, Ciudadanos and the PDeCAT and, parliamentary sources, assure that the PSOE has given its approval to introduce the change in the bill that will regulate the future agency.

In any case, the fee will be divided into two parts. In a first, 40% of the expenses incurred by the Authority In the previous financial year, the percentage that individually represents the number of claims resolved against each of the entities in that financial year will be applied to the total number of claims resolved against all entities. And the remaining 60% The percentage individually represented by the number of resolutions favorable to the claimant against each of the entities in the previous year will be applied to the total number of resolutions favorable to the claimant against all the aforementioned entities.

Or what is the same. About 40% of the expenses will take into account the resolved claims, while 60% will depend on the claims favorable to the claimant. This in practice, according to parliamentary sources explained to Europa Press, means rewarding those banks that “do it best” and “punishing” those that least comply, since most of the payment of the rate depends on the claims that have been favorable to the claimant and against the bank.

In the voluntary period of the tax, it is expected that the authority for management, settlement and collection will correspond to the Authority itself, carrying out its collection management in the executive period by agreement by the collection bodies of the Tax Agency.

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