The first statement of the jihadist from Algeciras after his arrest: “They deserved it, the true faith is Allah”



Yasin Kanza repeated this phrase like a litany and was not cooperative when asked by the investigators, who ruled out more implicated

  • Yasin Kanza An “invisible” murderer a hundred steps from the church and hidden in a house with a patera
  • Algeciras Yasin Kanza was pending expulsion due to his irregular situation in Spain

They deserved it, they deserved it, repeated Yasin Kanza before the police officers who arrested him last Wednesday after attacking two churches in Algeciras, stabbing the sacristan to death Diego Valencia and leaving four other people badly injured, including a parish priest.

Kanza did not stop insisting on that phrase and repeated it like a litany since the Police stopped him while he was praying in a square after the crime. In his statement, to which this newspaper has had access, he added another element that alludes directly to the self-radicalization attributed to him by the investigators and the magistrate of the National Court Joaqun Gadea, who in his car talks about jihadist salafism. they deserved it The authentic faith is Al, he sentenced convinced, revealed police sources consulted. Beyond these proclamations, there was no further collaboration. The Police have extended his detention so that he will be at the disposal of the National Court next Monday instead of doing it today, as planned. Rule out the involvement of more people in the event.

The extremism that he had reached in just two months, according to what is clear from the investigation, made Yasin Kanza shout at women in the street for not wearing the veil and reprimand Muslim women if he considered that they were not wearing it correctly. . The only two sentences that he insistently uttered after his arrest is, for the investigators, another sign of the advanced process of extremism in which he was immersed.

Messages of support for Daesh

He also killed the sacristan in the name of Allah, as stated in the proceedings and expressed by the magistrate in his car. Sources familiar with this judicial document specify that he gave the last stab to her victim, the mortal, looking up at the sky and shouting a few words in Arabic among which the word Allah is heard. On the same day of the attack, he had posted messages of support for the attack on Facebook. daesh Yet the Holy war. He used this social network in a dynamic way although with a pseudonym. In the search of the house where she lived together with several colleagues, the agents seized a flash drive with jihadist propaganda and a computer. They also found traces of jihadist chats from Tangier Y Ceuta on your mobile phone. Apparently he maintained communications with people residing at both points. The agents of the General Information Commissioner they work at forced marches to order all the documents, study them and, above all, try to find out the motivation that pushed Yasin Kanza to leave his house on Wednesday afternoon with a Koran in one hand and a katana in the other to assault the houses. parishes of San Isidro Y The Palm. The 25-year-old man has a psychiatric history in Morocco, his place of origin, and the Police have been watching him since last June, when he settled in Gibraltar, due to his elusive and aggressive behavior.

It was on that date that they noticed him. I was in a marginal neighborhood taken over by drug and human trafficking and sexual exploitation. The patrols that did surveillance work caught their attention from the beginning. That and no other was the reason for which the documentation was required. In this way, the Police realized that he was in Spain in irregular situation with which the corresponding expulsion file was initiated. They did not arrest him because the young man provided an address and he had no police or judicial record in Spain. This file is an administrative process that usually takes time. It was the second time that Yasin Kanza had left Morocco, a country where, according to what sources in the case explained to this newspaper, the young man had a history of mental disorder. The first was in 2019, although his adventure was short. It barely lasted three days.

From Gibraltar

The attacker reached Gibraltar together with several friends on a jet ski from their country of origin. All of them were intercepted. The arrival took place August 5, 2019 and he was returned to Morocco only three days later, on the 8th. The same sources indicated that he remained in police custody at all times and in Gibraltar expulsion, unless there is a serious reason, is practically immediate. Yasin Kanza and his traveling companions then argued that they made the crossing in search, the same sources say, of a better life. Their objective, they assured then, was the search for new opportunities.

The Ministry of the Interior denies that the Algeciras attacker meets the profile of a jihadist, which is why Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska has repeatedly requested caution in a case that, according to health reports, involves a man with mental problems.

We are in an incipient moment of the investigation, let’s let it develop, the head of the Interior has insisted during these days, who traveled to the city after the attack by the young man of Moroccan nationality.

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