The documents that you must prepare to make the declaration with telephone help


For those furthest behind, it is still possible to file the 2022 Income Statement and the help offered by the Tax Agency to taxpayers to prepare their return by phone or in person is already underway. Taxpayers have until June 30but to resort to the help you must make an appointment and the last day is the 29th. This is the necessary documentation to make the declaration with telephone help.

Specifically, the plan ‘We call you’ offers telephone attention since the month of May. The prior appointment is available through the Internet and the application of the Tax Agency or can also be requested by phone. At number 91 553 00 71, which is operational from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 19:00. Once the appointment is requested, the taxpayer will receive an SMS with the details of the date and time in which he will receive the call. The Tax Agency will call from the telephone 810520052 to the telephone number that has been provided.

At the time of receiving the call, which must be answered by the holder of the statement, it is important to have all the necessary documentation to prepare the income statement. The call will be recorded and to identify the taxpayer It will be necessary to indicate, if you have registered in Cl@ve PIN, the mobile number that was communicated in the registration or, in another case, obtain the reference number online first.

Personal documentation to make the income statement by phone

Next, personal documentation will be necessary. This is the original DNI of the taxpayer holding the declaration and if it is joint or other taxpayers appear, a photocopy of their DNI must be taken. Along with this, the Treasury will request the IBAN number of the bank account and the cadastral references of all the properties you own or in which you live for rent or in other circumstances -can be found on the IBI receipt-.

In addition, you must have on hand any proof that may give rise to the right to regional deductions or other tax benefits. For example, the Tax Agency mentions the NIF of the landlord and the amounts paid for the rent if you live in this situation or, in the case of having bought a habitual residence with an extension of the loan, the outstanding balances of the original loan are required. Insurance receipts may also be necessary in case of having a mortgage or proof of donations made.

Evidence of income

The obligation to pay income tax is generated by obtaining certain returns. Thus, to prepare the declaration in the offices, it will also be necessary to bring the documents related to each category. In the case of work performance the certificate issued by the payer or the amount of the fees paid to unions or professional associations will be needed, if necessary.

The real estate capital returns are those obtained from real estate -both rural and urban- and to complete the declaration in the Treasury offices, proof of income will be necessary -through contracts- or invoices for expenses related to rental of real estate of which the taxpayer be owner or usufructuary.

For the income from movable capital, related to income obtained from fixed income securities such as bonds or obligations, certificates are required. In addition, in the case of capital gains and losses, the purchase or sale documents that give rise to the result included in the declaration are required, as well as the dates of acquisition and transmission to justify the loss or gain.

In addition, the Tax Agency recalls the regularization for return of interest received from floor clausesfor which the taxpayer must bring to the appointment the certificate of the financial entity indicating the years to which the excessive interest charged for null floor clauses corresponds.

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