The construction employer will denounce any unequal treatment of Ferrovial


The Association of Construction Companies and Infrastructure Concessionaires (Seopan), which represents the largest companies in the sector in Spain, including Ferrovial, has warned the Government that it will exercise any actions that may correspond to it in the event of unequal or discriminatory treatment towards the company.

In a communiqué, the employer denounces “inaccurate and unfair” the disqualifications that in recent days he believes are being poured out from different areas “inside and outside the Government” against the company, as a result of its decision to move the registered office from the head of the business group to the Netherlands.

The Association of Construction Companies bases its message on the “need” to defend the public image and reputation of its associated company, pointing out that Ferrovial is exercising his legitimate right and with strict compliance with Spanish and community law.

The association defends all the arguments that the company has given to make this decision, such as the boost to international projection and its expectation of listing in the United States. In addition, the employers explain that “The corporate reorganization is designed so that employment, activity and investments remain intact in Spain and without relevant fiscal impact.”

Likewise, it denies that the decision was influenced by the desire to benefit from a lower tax burden: “The Netherlands is not a tax haven, as has been erroneously stated, but rather that its taxation is very similar to that of Spain, the possible favorable effect on tax payment being irrelevant, if not non-existent,” he adds in his favor.

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