The Christian Universe in Arabia


ANDHe Al Nassr does not have the Asian Champions League in his palm, he is not the first team in the country or even in the province of Riyadh, but with the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo It has won over everyone in Saudi Arabia and part of abroad. The arrival of the Portuguese has transformed the club. Pending the debut of CR7, the team store and its sports city have been the first to experience the transformation.

“It’s been a crazy few days. People filled the whole store, all this stuff you see and outside was crowded, we had to call security from the club to come and help us organize this,” the man tells us with a smile. responsible for serving customers at the Al Nassr store for four years. He, a partner in the warehouse and another in the workshop, that’s the team. “In the first days of the signing we did not have enough, we had to call in reinforcements because we were running out of shirts, the number 7, everything”.

We couldn’t keep up, we had to ask for reinforcements because we were running out of shirts, the number seven, everything.”

We are witnesses of what counts. Each person who enters the premises comes for the Cristiano Ronaldo shirt. Of the first kit, apart from those of the mannequins that decorate the store, there are no more, “everything is sold”he tells us, “and the second and third outfits have just arrived so they can fill the entire store.”

shows us a special edition, who likes it a lot, approaches with a client who has asked to see it, although he can only show it because they are not for sale. Ronaldo puts in Arabic alphabet: “Not this season, but next season we may play with these letters on the shirt, hopefully.”

Al Nassr Sports City

The sports city is also preparing against the clock for the training sessions of the Portuguese world star who have just signed. Everything has to be up to par. Where barely three media outlets a week attend the coach and player press conferences, now more than 30 media from all over Saudi Arabia and many foreign countries attend. And we’re not talking about the games, let’s remember again that he hasn’t made his debut yet.

We entered Cristiano’s first residence in Saudi Arabia

Everything is under review or in the process of improvement. New equipment, fully renovated rooms or rooms to store changing furniture are witnesses of this. youEverything is going to change at Al Nassr, it is already changing.

The communication and organization members of the club are convinced of the great opportunity at hand. “We are working so that Cristiano and everyone are comfortable. Al Nassr is a great club, with a great history in Asia and the signing of Cristiano will help us grow.”

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