The best cities to live according to average salary and cost of living


What makes an ideal city to live in? Is it the weather, the food, the people…? Or is it rather its size, the number of services it offers and how comfortable it is to travel? For some people, the first characteristics will be more important while for others the second ones will be. It is true that choosing where to live is a very personal decision..

However, there are many organizations that strive to produce lists and analyzes each year with the best cities or the best countries in which to live. The list of items that are put on the table in comparison are many, from safety to quality of lifeunderstood as a set of factors among which the cost of housing, education, health services…

A report published by MoneyNerd Research 25 of the world’s largest cities to find out which ones are best lived in. The report analyzes factors such as the cost of living, the average salary earned in the city, the number of job opportunities and others, using data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the World Happiness Report, Glassdoor, LinkedIn and other platforms. The objective has been to determine in which cities their citizens are happiest and which offer the greatest access to well-paid job opportunities.

The five cities with the best quality of life

According to this study, the first city is Copenhagen, which is not surprising, since the Nordic capitals tend to appear regularly in these classifications. In the Danish capital they earn more than 42,000 euros per year in average salary and the balance between work and personal life is 8.6 out of 10. Happiness remains at 7.6.

In second position is Amsterdam. The capital of the Netherlands has an average salary similar to Copenhagen, while it stays at 8.3 and 7.7 in conciliation and happiness.

Surprisingly, New York slips into third place. With an average salary of more than 67,000 euros per year, however, he manages to pass very fairly in conciliation, with a 5.2. Happiness reaches 7.

Although lies in fourth position, Oslo it has many characteristics in common with the Danish capital: an average annual salary of almost 44,000 euros, a work-life balance score of e8.5 and a happiness score of 7.4.

close this ranking Zurich, the capital of Switzerland. With the highest average salary, almost 78,000 euros per year, conciliation is 7.7 out of 10 and happiness is 7.5 out of 10. In fact, with these traits it is surprising that it has been even behind New York.

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