The best cars in 2023 quality-price


Perhaps this recently launched 2023 is the year that many drivers launch a new vehicle. It may be that the family has expanded, that we need to retire the old family car, that it is the first vehicle we bought or a thousand and one other reasons. Anyway, before you buy, It’s time to take a look to see what the market offers us.

When buying a vehicle, many factors must be taken into account, from our needs to the budget we have available, as well as future low emission zones that are going to come into force in different locations and, therefore, the sticker that our new vehicle can wear.

Considering the relationship between quality and price, these are The best cars you can bet on in this 2023. There are all kinds and for any taste of driver, from SUVs to convertibles.

The best cars according to quality-price for 2023

The Dacia Duster It is undoubtedly a great success, thanks to its low price compared to the engine it offers. Of course, it is sparing in details and in the qualities of the interior, but enough for daily commuting. It has between 100 and 150 CV and the price starts at 16,600 euros. The Dacia Sandero It is more of a utility type and is available in 90 and 110 CV. The advantages and disadvantages are shared with his factory partner. The price starts at 13,000 euros.

Quickly changing segment, the Mazda MX-5 It is a two-seater convertible result that costs a minimum of 27,555 euros. It has great behavior on the road, not in vain it is sporty, and motorized, but perhaps it is noisier than many expect, as well as having less space.

On another line is skoda octavia, a medium sedan with a very sober and stately aesthetic with space for several passengers without losing an iota of comfort. The price starts at 26,900 euros, has microhybrid engines and a power of up to 245 hp. Of course, the finishes are somewhat basic.

The SEAT Ateca It is the fifth option for this 2023. The price starts at 24,540 euros, has between 110 and 150 HP of power and is a medium SUV that is among the best sellers of the Spanish brand. Its habitability is the strong point, it fails in certain aspects of the highest-end equipment or in the interior design.

Electric and hybrid cars by 2023

One of the electrical commitments for this 2023, which will allow us to enter all LEZs, is the Skoda Enyaq iV. Power between 204-300 CV, autonomy of more than 500 kilometers on a single charge, all for a starting price of 49,000 euros. Of course, the loading times are not the best in its segment, although it is a spacious crossover, on the other hand.

Another electric that would be a great bet, for those who have the budget, is the Ford Mustang Mach-E. It is a 100% electric SUV-crossover with more than 400 kilometers of autonomy, whose starting price starts at 63,500 euros. Perhaps this is its biggest but, since autonomy, design and driving behavior are exceptional.

In the line of eco motors, the Hyundai Tucson, especially in these versions with the DGT ECO label. With up to 265 HP of power, this compact SUV is sold starting at 35,225 euros. Of course, its biggest drawback are the prices compared to the previous generation and a very limited electric drive.

To complete the list, other cars that, due to their relationship between quality and price, among which models of any segment can be found, would be the Ford Fiesta ST (for almost 31,000 euros), the Kia Stonic (20,900 euros), the skoda kamiq (25,455 euros), the Kia Sorento (51,565 euros), also its hybrid version (50,825 euros); the skoda karoq (30,300 euros), the Ford Focus (29,770 euros), the Citroen C3 (17,645 euros), the Kia Niro Hybrid (31,150 euros) and the kia sportsage (32,225 euros).

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