The bank rescues the return of receipts as one more ‘plus’ to attract customers


The banking has recovered the refund of a percentage of receipts as a claim to attract customers. This was common practice in the past, for example in the Account 1 2 3 of Banco Santander, while now banks are focused on attracting customers through attractive offers, such as offering cash for domiciling payroll or providing additional remuneration for maintaining deposits.

Currently, at least three banks offer direct debit bill return promotions, while other entities they opt for sign agreements with other companies to be able to offer its clients offers that attract the attention of the consumer, such as Spotify accounts, Play Station accounts, Netflix accounts, etc.

Unicaja is one of them. Through your Online Account WITHOUT returns 1% of water, electricity and telecommunications bills (up to a maximum of 100 euros per year) to those who reside a minimum salary of 1,200 euros in the entity. Also, this entity has implemented the PlayStation Account, an option that allows customers to get 0.5% cash back on purchases made with the PSN credit card. This rebate can be used specifically to purchase products related to the PlayStation platform.

Openbank, however, it offers 0.5% of electricity, gas and telecommunications bills without applying any type of limit to those who open the Open Payroll Account and domicile a minimum salary of 900 euros per month. Banco Santander’s digital bank complements its offer with an additional remuneration of 5.12% the first year for these new customers who meet the conditions and for a maximum remunerable balance of 5,000 euros.

On the other hand, BBVA has just launched a new promotion with its Commission-Free Online Account. The bank chaired by Carlos Torres offers a refund of 35 euros per month for six months for direct debiting the receiptswhich means that a total can be obtained up to 210 euros. To access this promotion, you only need to pay a direct debit for electricity, gas, telephone or internet and maintain an average daily balance of 400 euros.

To these offers are added the promotions of Banco Sabadell, ING and Imagin. The first has just improved its ‘Online’ Account and allows the return of 3% of purchases made with the debit card made up to September 30. In addition, customers will be able to benefit from a return of 2.50% for one year and an additional 200 euros if they direct deposit the payroll.

For their part, both ING and Imagin offer their customers access to discounts in a wide variety of stores and leisure activities. These promotions can cover various sectors and have additional economic advantages when making purchases.

These are options to consider if you are looking for a bank account that will allow you benefit from the return of your receipts domiciled, giving you additional savings on your monthly expenses. Although experts recommend reviewing the specific details and requirements of each entity to make the most of these promotions.

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