Tesla negotiates to build its new electric car factory in Valencia


Tesla negotiates with the Generalitat to install in the Valencian Community an electric vehicle factory, which could involve an investment of 4,500 million euros, as EFE has learned. The American car manufacturer is the promoter of this great project, advanced by the newspaper Levante, although the Generalitat has not confirmed the identity of the investor due to the existence of a confidentiality agreement between the Valencian Government and the company.

The project is still in a fledgling phase and, in fact, the Generalitat He has denied that there is “a closed agreement” with Tesla. Nor does it confirm the information that attributes the investment in the Community to the multinational Tesla. The acting president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, has assured in La Sexta that numerous very powerful companies consider that the Valencian Community is an ideal territory to invest and there is “great interest” that is going to turn the region into “a new pole European Sustainable Mobility”.

Sources from the Generalitat have affirmed that “at the will of this government, how could it be otherwise, is to continue working for the duration of its current mandate to guarantee that all these efforts can culminate over the next few months, always for the benefit of progress and the prosperity of the Valencian people, which is our sole objective”.

A few weeks ago Puig advanced that the Valencian Government kept open negotiations “at the highest level” with ten multinationals to settle in the Community, which could involve an investment of 24,400 million euros in different strategic and future economic sectors and the creation of 43,000 direct jobs.

confidentiality contract

All these negotiations, recalls the Generalitat, are subject to “strict confidentiality criteria” to guarantee that the different operations can come to fruition as soon as possible, as “is the wish of this Council”.

Along the same lines, the president of the CEV autonomous employers’ association, Salvador Navarro, has alluded to the existence of a confidentiality agreement and has asked to be allowed to work, when asked by the automobile multinational that plans to settle in the community.

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