Teleentrenador: “I felt uncomfortable during the game, because we had a delay that we couldn’t avoid”


I have felt uncomfortable, because we had a delay of about half a minute that we could not avoid and that did not allow me to get into the game. I was listening to what was happening through the earpiece, but those 30 seconds left me out and it was hard for me to concentrate. Also I thought it was going to be more like when you see it from above in the stadium if you are penalized, but you miss things. The focus of the transmission is always on the ball and we tend to work with a broader plane”. the situation: technology has not exactly been his best ally in the first ‘telecommuting’ game.

It was last Friday when, at a joint press conference with the president of the entity, Jesús Medina, an indefinite measure was announced: that, in the middle of the separation process and with the aim of spending more time with his two daughters, , 12 and 10 years old, Alberto González alternated between personal work and remote work for weeks. Actually, the coach’s first idea was to leave office directly, but it was the club itself that opted for an alternative path: “Totally. The idea is theirs. It was a complex decision, but for me it is a spectacular opportunity to combine the professional with the personal.. The way to thank him now is by giving twice what he has given”. The technician and top leader must have explained it so well, in any case, that the question time after the aforementioned appearance revolved almost entirely on other people’s matters… including arbitrations.

You miss things: the focus of the image is always on the ball and we usually work with a wider shot

Alberto González (Linares Deportivo coach)

Between Tolox and Vigo there are more than 900 kilometers. The municipality of Malaga is located on the slopes of the Sierra de las Nieves, in the heart of the National Park. Closer to Ronda than to the capital of the province… and almost three hours from Linares. “That’s why I was living there and would come on my days off,” explains Gonzlez. I was born in Tolox, in Tolox he lives again now, in Tolox he follows the match that his team plays in Balados. From a room in his home, sitting at a desk and connected to the bench through sound, also receiving the images from the InSports TV application (one of those that allows you to follow the First RFEF) and with your own analysis program prepared: “I wanted to prepare some cuts for the break, but since the imbalances were global, I ended up focusing on the paper and the pen”.


Primera Plana has wanted to get inside that experience that is somehow historic, that of a coach directing from his home, and Alberto offers facilities in that sense, but always marking ground so that journalism does not end up interfering with his work. He didn’t quite like having put himself in the spotlight, but he assumes the position taking into account that priority goes through his daughters: “The judicial procedure will end up regulating the situation, but the fans deserved information.” youThe squad was also aware of what was going to become official since December 22: that day Linars eliminated Racing from the Cup, earning the right to face Sevilla in the next round.. González, as it was, watched from the front line how Mateu Lahoz sent off Jorge Sampaoli in a clash that was well resolved by the Nervionense squad. Xavi’s Bara had had a much worse time in the previous exercise, even putting himself ahead of a Linares who fell by the minimum.

Everything is easier, in any case, if one considers that the protagonist’s direct assistant is also his brother. Enrique González was thus in charge of leading the team at the Olivo stadium. “He directed the game, that’s why I was late,” Alberto insists during the conversation. “I couldn’t help on set pieces, for example, because when I wanted to do it, it had already been played. At half-time is when we were able to interact a little more, of course, commenting on the adjustments that had to be made. I had a global vision and I gave information about the spaces that were catching us. Only with the nuance of adjusting the pressure well at the top we already improved, but it is also true that it was a difficult match whether I was there or not.. This kind of equipment always hurts us. In fact, Celta B already cut the streak we had at home in the first round. They have people who are fast to space, with dynamics even from the first team, and they are in a very good moment, “he breaks down.

During the break is when we have been able to interact a little more, commenting on the adjustments that had to be made

Because the truth is that in the first 45 minutes everything that could go wrong has gone wrong: three goals against and two injured. Then yes, then changes are made (up to three in the intermission) the game is balanced and even the second set is won… but the points fly. “I am calm and I try to understand all situations. I knew what could happen, but even transmitting it sometimes it happens. Also, they marked us early. This morning I was watching Numancia-Amorebieta and they also went 0-3 in the first part. Yes You’re not fine, in this category they do you a lot of damage in a short time”, analyzes the master, who at no time in the afternoon has had a direct connection with the footballers. “Only with my brother. As we used to, actually, although later I usually transmit the message and this time he had to do it his way.. Not by the same mouth, but almost”.

Enrique is 31 years old, compared to Alberto’s 43. “Amy and another older brother accompanied us. He was little and could not play, but he was always there,” recalled the second regarding the first on the social networks of the journalist Rafa Mainez. “There are those who believe that family affinity means that he is with me, but it is a matter of little time: when they see him work, they detect that there is something else”, he added. “We work from the normality of not doing strange things, letting the group flow without keeping a special distance, but a close one, but in any case I don’t talk to the players about my brother, but about the master”then pointed out the ‘small’, who logically is in charge of the Balados press conference and will be in charge of those that may come from now on.


And it is that, for the Gonzlez, soccer is passion, much more than profession. “I found my way about 25 years ago”Alberto says. “I had even dropped out of high school, but my motivation returned and I ended up doing Sports Science”, complete. Since then, a long journey, which has gone through Mlaga (“two years in Juvenil”) and Betis (“in the methodology department”), or by Poli Ejido and Jan already as a tenant on the bench, and who lives a second stage in Linares, after the promotion to the category in which he continues to perform, the summer of 2021 saw him leave (June) and return (September). He did not go too far last year to enter professional football, losing in the play-off against Deportivo, and after the defeat in Vigo he is now eighth, five points behind the noble zone. It is so true that he manages one of the smallest budgets of his group as that a lightning start had set the fans dreaming.

The master, who has also published a theory book, ‘Football. Dynamics of the game from the perspective of transitions’, he already has his sights set on the visit to Linarejos del Talavera (curiously trained by Pedro Díaz, a former Azulillo soccer player): “He is down in the table, but he comes in good dynamics. He is a a very complicated category. Ceuta seemed hopeless and now they are competing very well”. In that sense, pending legal news, he hopes that the work week will be as unorthodox as possible. What has already changed are the conditions of his contract with Linares. Since Monday the 16th, specifically, four days before the new situation in which it will move was announced.. Club and coach have agreed in this sense, to adapt the commitment to what is actually taking place. Wait, for the rest, news from the medical services, after losing Varela (reinforcement in the current market) and Alfonso of an eleven that completed Samu Casado; Edu Viaa, Lolo González, Squadrone; Rodri, Fran Callejn; Abeledo, Javi Duarte; and Hugo Diaz. Candelas, Aitor, Sacris, Fermn and Perejn appeared as refreshments.

The way to thank everything the club is doing for me is by giving double what I have given so far.

“The technology made me feel uncomfortable, but it has been an experience that serves to get sensations”, repeats Alberto González. “It is not ideal, and in fact it is far from it, but at the moment it is what it is”, certifies. For the next one, if there is a next one, he will try to adjust details so that the connection is permanent and immediate, although he insists on his total confidence in the rest of the coaching staff. Linares is committed to a project, and in that sense he wanted to imagine a plan B when his coach made the position available. Because life is ahead of football… but teleworking is here to stay.

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