Sumar will propose turning the ICO into a public bank that facilitates mortgages

The head of the list for Barcelona Add-In Comú Podem, Aina Vidalhas announced that his formation will propose in the next legislature convert the Instituto de Crédito Oficial (ICO) into a public bank to provide citizens with mortgages without abusive conditions. In a statement made in Reus (Tarragona), Vidal stated that “bank abuses must be avoided” and stressed that “the Code of Good Practices that Minister Calviño wanted to approve for banking has been a real disaster And it has been absolutely useless.”

According to this same candidate, citizens should have the possibility of “being able to change the variable rate of the mortgages for the fixed one”, and has asked that “the ICO become a public bank, and that citizens can have mortgages in much better conditions than those offered by private banks.” Aina Vidal has assured, at this point, that if Sumar is back in the State Government, she “will promote a public bank” from the ICO.

She is satisfied after the debate

About him debate to seven offered last night by RTVEVidal has indicated that “the model to avoid was that of a harsh debate with a lot of noise and zero proposals that we saw a few days before, so we wanted to do just the opposite, and we are happy with the result.”

“We were able to talk about the issues that most concern the working class and Catalans, which have to do with housing, climate change and health and the Cercanías”, he specified, and also “we not only talked about all this, but we were one of the most positive groups and, therefore, we are very satisfied”. The head of the Sumar-En Comú Podem list has congratulated RTVE for “demonstrating that public services are up to the task and offer an excellent job”.

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