Spanish Women’s National Team today, live


Last minute of the list of the Spanish women’s national team, live


Another day of maximum expectation within the women’s soccer team. The players’ response statement to the Montse Tomé’s listin which they reiterated their desire not to be called up for the national team, casts doubt on whether they will attend this Tuesday at 11:30.

In the letter published by the soccer players, those who already signed the statement requesting changes last Friday and who were summoned by Montse Tomé, it reads: “The players of the absolute women’s soccer team want to demonstrate, as a result of the call and the subsequent press conference of the new national coach, Montse Tomé, the following: What was expressed in our statement of September 22, 2023 [en referencia al día 15]makes clear and without any option for another interpretation our firm will not to be summoned for justified reasons. These statements are still fully valid.”

“During the days following that statement, we want to make public that Nothing different has been transmitted to any member of the we expressly ask that the information transmitted publicly be rigorous,” they add.

Spain plays in the UEFA Nations League against Sweden this Friday and in front of Swiss on September 26.

In this straight We will tell you from this moment everything that happens with the women’s team throughout today. LET’S START!

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