Spanish team: Rodri’s full history: all titles and MVP in MVP


Spain It has in Rodrigo Hernndez a footballer to be excited about and, above all, a pillar on which to build the future. Manchester City midfielder He is right now one of the best players in the world, as confirmed by all the individual awards he has won this season. UEFA experts have awarded him the MVP of the Champions League final and the MVP of the Nations League in two weeks. Two individual awards that crown a spectacular course from a football point of view in which he has won everything.

Rodri He has won the four titles in which he has participated this season: three with City and one with Spain. A unique photo album that only Laporte can have, although with less prominence in the photos of euphoria. The treble with City and the League of Nations make this 2023 the best year of his career, leaving aside the bad taste he experienced in Qatar, a championship in which he had high hopes. What in December were tears, now in June everything is laughter and joy.

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Rodrigo He has been captain general in this League of Nations. The best player of the team in the two games. The red lighthouse and the leader of a team who finds a reference in the City player. With Guardiola, there is no doubt that he has taken a step forward on a footballing and mental level. Right now, few players in the world have his personality. There was no doubt that he took one of the penalties of the shootout and he did it with a mastery on a par with the best forwards in the world.

Before, during the game, he had also come close to scoring, with a cannon shot from the edge of the area. Because Rodri, in addition to dominating the game from the position of ‘6’, has also included arrival into the rival area from the second line in his repertoire. Remember: it was goal scorer in the end of istanbul against Inter, Joselu’s goal against Italy was born from his boots and against Croatia he almost avoided extra time with a missile. Everything does well.

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Rodri He doesn’t give importance to individual awards, but right now there is no doubt that he is the Spaniard who is best placed in the final vote for the Ballon d’Or. And seeing his level, everything indicates that he will be in the top ten for sure. Because to the collective titles he has begun to add the individual ones, with the two MVPs in the Champions League and the Nations League.

The Spanish soccer player goes on vacation with a marathon of spectacular games: 57 games, with four goals and seven assists. And he leaves, above all, happy: “We are very happy. It has been a very difficult game and this is very expensive. This generation promises a lot. We have been very strong mentally. There are things to improve, but winning is always good. We must celebrate it “

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