Spanish Super Cup 2023: Real Madrid and Barcelona target the 16-year-old Argentine Pestrianni


Lhe Argentine soccer players emerge. Before the World Cup they already began to be seen, but the conquest of the World Cup has exponentially raised the interest towards all the players of the South American country. City and Benfica were the first clubs to take the step of looking at the albiceleste market again. Last summer both teams were ahead of everyone with the hiring of Julin Alvarez and Enzo Fernndez. Even Pep Guardiola’s team is close to repeating the operation with Maximum Perrone in exchange for eleven million euros, a player who in his day was offered to Barcelona by Rolando Zarate with hardly any financial outlay, but was rejected.

Next on the list is Gianluca Pestrianni (16 years) of which MARCA has already spoken, counting the follow-up of Real Madrid. It is none other than Both are active in Vlez, along with Valentn Gómez (19), a central defender wanted by Atletico Madrid. Alan Varela (21 years old) from Boca Juniors is another of the players followed by the greats, especially Barcelona. An emissary from the white club has seen him live in recent months.

The market has placed Argentine soccer below the Brazilian, so any operation is cheaper. A generation of talent with such a future had not appeared for a while. Someone has already been seen in Europe and they are world championsothers are breaking down the door for their trip to the old continent.

Spanish and Italian clubs have always been characterized by finding that young talent, which so easily fits into Europe. Qatar’s success has redoubled the bet, as is being demonstrated. Real Madrid and Barcelona are very aware of what the aforementioned Pestrianni can do, who at the age of 16 has already made his debut in Vlez’s first team, showing enough character for greater adventures.

Bonding with the elders

His next challenge is to establish himself with the elders and from there, dream. Pestrianni is the third footballer youngest to debut in First Division after Maradona and Kun. The start and the change of pace is the best he has, together with a character that leads him to lead his teammates.

Real Madrid and Barcelona are looking out of the corner of their eyes at what the little player may be capable of before deciding to take the step of facing an operation that fits in with that of looking for young talent and at an affordable price. In the white club there is a desire to sign in a market other than Brazil and this left-handed winger who will turn 17 in two weeks is one of the most liked. In the summer he will obtain Italian nationality, so the problem of a non-EU place ceases to exist for one of the greatest promises that Argentine soccer has given in recent years.

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