Spain Women’s National Team: There will be a list without the 39… and the RFEF will not fire anyone if they have no reason


lThe decision of the Federation does not change and the time to give the list is approaching. The internationals that signed the resignation document have not sent the requests made by the federative leaders and Everything indicates that Montse Tom’s first list will be without those who were world champions with the except for Athenea and Sheila García who was left out of the World Cup by an injury.

From the City of Football They convey the idea that they are willing to collaborate, but as long as there are solid arguments and demonstrable when it comes to getting all the people or even departments out of the way that the players demand, something that has not occurred at the moment. Neither nor the names of the people who, according to them, should come out of your environment.

The commitment on the part of the leaders exists, but without names and reasons they will not proceed with such a request. The purpose of Pedro Rochapresident of the Federation, It is none other than finding a point of understandingbut always with arguments in hand.

While the outcome, Monte Tom worked as a coach over the weekend, watching different matches of the recently started League and preparing a more than likely list without the signatories of the aforementioned letter.

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