Spain Women’s National Team: The Spanish internationals respond to the call of the national team due to legal imperative


lThe concentration of the Spanish women’s team started this Tuesday with a new Dantesque episode in which the 23 summoned, Initially scheduled for early in the day in Las Rozas (Madrid), they underwent a change of plans that would take them to Oliva (Valencia) before traveling to Gteborg (Sweden) where he will have to play this Friday at the start of the Nations League. Although there had been speculation about the absence of some internationals, which Late on Monday they sent a new statement, The players have been ‘forced’ to respond to the national team’s call due to the possible legal consequences of a resignation.

The first meeting point was the Tryp Alameda Aeropuerto Hotel, place where the selection was initially scheduled. Around 11:00 the staffled by a Montse Tom who limited himself to saying that he trusted that the players would respond to his call. The Asturian, whose call included 20 of the 39 signatories of the statement who asked for drastic changes in the Federationwas accompanied by her coaching staff: Javier Lerga, Irene del Ro, Carlos Sánchez, Blanca Romero, Rubn Jimnez, Kiko Melndez and Emilio González.

The first to arrive was Misa Rodriguez. The Real Madrid goalkeeper was followed by her teammates Olga Carmona, Oihane Hernndez, Tere Abelleira and Athenea del CastilloAll the things I had to say I already said in my statement. I think I was clear. “I said she was going to be here, so thank you very much everyone,” said the Cantabrian. Eva NavarroAtlético de Madrid player.

The second meeting point was the Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Resort, a place where the internationals will meet to hold a ‘stage’ before traveling to Sweden. They will go there Mara Mndez and Enith Salonplayers from Levante and Valencia, and the arrival of the Barcelona players, the bulk of the call with eight named, is expected.

The internationals will meet in Oliva with the president of the CSD, Vctor Francoswith whom they will discuss for the first time – face to face – the grotesque situation that is being experienced around the national team.

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