Spain will send Leopard tanks to Ukraine


The forceful decision of Germany Sending Leopard tanks to Ukraine has been the definitive impulse for Spain and other European Union countries to join in sending these armored vehicles to help Zelenski in the spring counteroffensive.

What overtake the country and has confirmed THE WORLDThe Army is finalizing the details for its contribution of battleships that will form part of a large donation for Ukraine in which a large group of NATO countries will participate. This newspaper has already announced that the 53 Leopard cars that the Spanish Government acquired in 1998 from Germany and that are at the Casetas Logistics Center (Zaragoza) are viable. According to the aforementioned newspaper, at least 20 of them are in good condition and many others will need the corresponding tuning of any vehicle that is in hibernation. Spain also has an endowment of Leopards in use in Ceuta and Melilla, but it is unlikely that they will be delivered, since it would be to do without material that is used.

Pedro Snchez was the first president to offer Leopard cars to Ukraine before the summer. However, in August Minister Robles assured that they were in an “absolutely lamentable” state and could not be used.

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