Seville – Manchester United | Europa League: Sevilla crushes United and dreams of the seventh

The Snchez-Pizjun lived one of those nights that are not forgotten, no matter how much they can be repeated over time. His team has put on the champion’s suit to take the well-known path to the Europa League title. Juventus will be measured, after crushing Manchester United. Not even with Rashford’s return could the English get up in the second period. A goelada that could have been much greater. A gigantic superiority. A Sevilla that in the Europa League advances with an iron fist. No one dares to argue with him, not even cough on him. It is a set that bathes in the perfume of competition. Always hand in hand. Until glory once again reconciles a team that seemed sunken a month ago and that with Mendilibar has recovered its essence, to remove the chains that did not let him breathe. Nervin fired his heroes thinking about the semifinals. Another giant like Juve arrives. But in the Europa League there is only one legend called Sevilla.

Goal by En-Nesyri (1-0) in Sevilla 3-0 Manchester United

Mendilibar bet on his most recognizable eleven, Suso or Bryan being able to enter it. The rest, the expected. There was no longer a final in the League that would distort the weekend. Couldn’t think of anything else. Such a hard year needed a party. From the contagious joy that illusion awakens. Of a preference that began to be celebrated in Nervin. The die was cast. And Sevilla went out into the field with the knife between its teeth. Go for all Without complex. Very high pressure and with many men, blessed by a coach who insists on it relentlessly. And for this very reason came the only goal of the first period that went up to the scoreboard. Up to three players (Lamela, Rakitic and En-Nesyri) harassed Maguire on his front, with the English center back with his back to the game. Robbery of the Argentine and definition of the Moroccan, glued to the post. Nervin exploded. There was a world left, but the first step had already been taken. Sevilla felt comfortable, quite the opposite a United that missed Brunos Fernandes too much. Hard footwork. It was not a day to nap in the mood and energy. All the duels fell on the same side, except with Antony who had it in for Acua from the first leg. The Brazilian was the main threat.

Sevilla had him well protected. Less Sancho. And the English began to enter through his band. In one of the best approaches by Ten Hag’s men in the first half, Wan-Bissaka found a loose ball inside the area to shoot weakly. This was a warning to the locals, that they should not slow down. Mendilibar looks forced to take Marcao off the field, crying for a muscle injury, and introduce Suso into the field. More biting. And his team reconnects. full. Earlier, Casemiro found a hole in the Sevilla area to head high. And the time will come for Sevilla to make the second, although he did not have the fortune he needed. With a spectacular Ocampos. He first came close to finishing off a drop shot from En-Nesyri after Gudelj’s rabona in a small area. His partner on the other flank, Lamela, gave Suso a perfect ball to shoot first. He waited and the shot was blocked. And with the next one the Sánchez-Pizjun exploded. Great goal from Ocampos to Acua’s low pass from the band. The VAR annulled it because the left side’s knee was offside. Very fair. Fearsome jug of cold water because United was going to bring out the heavy artillery. Rakitic was also able to score with a volley in added time. A goal ahead before starting the second half. Everything in the air.

bad gap

And football sometimes knows and understands justice. Almost in the first play of the second period, Suso got a corner, which in this Sevilla is a lot. Three goals in the three league games with Mendilibar from the corner strategy. And Europe should also know its blackboard. Rakitic placed it at the heart of the area with good positioning and power and Loc Bad arrived with a somewhat strange shot that grazed the crossbar to enter the English goal. Once again the stands of the Sánchez-Pizjun were bursting. Two goals ahead are already seen as a serious advantage to access the semifinals, although United was not going to give up. Ten Hag, in addition to Rashford, placed the giant Weghorst to demand Sevilla in direct play. Gudelj kicked the Netherlands forward by throwing himself at grass level. Bono intervened almost for the first time shot by Casemiro. He had to have a bad time for the Andalusians. logical. A giant like United was not going to give up without a fight.

Bad goal (2-0) in Sevilla 3-0 Manchester United

Some Sevilla players began to feel cramps. However, there are teams that never lose faith. No one can argue with Sevilla in Europe about this. A strong pitch from Acua followed En-Nesyri with Clear advantage for De Gea outside the area. The Spanish goalkeeper risked trying to control the ball with the bad luck that it went to the side where En-Nesyri was running, who scored on an empty goal from far. Now yes, Sevilla sentenced a tie that was found alive at Old Trafford and that, with the best game of the season, sentenced before 40,000 Sevilla fans. A game to believe, feel and enjoy. Sevilla is already in the semifinals. The Europa League is taking on white and red. United was able to beat Barcelona and Betis. He did not know that kings are not discussed or provoked. There is Seville. A new one with Mendilibar. The usual.

Goal by En-Nesyri (3-0) in Sevilla 3-0 Manchester United

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