Sevilla – Cdiz: Sevilla grabs Rakitic’s life preserver


ANDhe Sevilla saved in the last minutes one of those match balls in the style of the great Rafa Nadal. He is on the canvas. Not because of being touched physically or because, by nature, the rice is going away. Simply, he is touched from the first to the last level of the entity, conditioning everything sporting. it muddies it The team is a caricature of what a Champions League contender should be. But he has taken the last six points in his stadium against direct rivals. A two out of two that gives him an air that he hardly has. Cádiz is more used to this fight. He didn’t want to win. He wanted the dot of him. A hand in the last few minutes snatched the button that was tied. Rakitic did not waste the gift from eleven meters. Rescue Sevilla. For now. How far is the shore.

The first half of two teams that risk their lives usually coincides with little football, little ball in motion and some controversy. All this had a Sevilla-Cdiz seasoned with the protests of the fans before the match, requesting the resignation of Pepe Castro. The differences in the grass were exact to those of the classification.

A Sevilla that tried to carry the weight of the game, with little rhythm and without being able to surprise, against a yellow team whose greatest aspiration was to hunt a counter superiority and get ahead. Playing with the nerves of the locals, for whom nothing goes well. At least they didn’t feel the yellow breath on their necks under pressure, being able to get the ball played almost without problems. Even so, the first shot between the three sticks was from Choco Lozano, who deflected Bono to a corner kick. Of the little of Cádiz in the first period.

Because Sevilla tried to do damage on the side of Jess Navas. Without Acua (sanctioned) everything was charged on the right, where his captain raised her hand in each attack to take care of creating danger. Occasions did not materialize. Until the extension of the first period, where Navas caught a loose ball and the center of it was put by Lamela in the goal. Before controlling the palace, Liver Torres hindered a rival and the VAR signaled Extremadura’s positional offside. Jug of cold water for a Sevilla who has a hard time scoring goals. I had to start over in the second half. The tie was worth more to Cádiz than to Sevilla itself. The two teams must row. A lot to work. Life in the League was at stake.

A dramatic ending

The second half seemed like a copy of the first, with a territorial dominance of the local team, but without doing any real damage. It seemed to Cdiz that the tie could be worth it, and it certainly was, against a Sevilla that in their stadium needed to add three so that hell did not burn so much. Because a nervous team is incapable of seeing the easy passes that a locked-in rival leaves you, clearing each ball as if it were the last.

The public was understanding with the passing of the minutes its importance in the match, pressing without rest. Ledesma took out a hand changed to a distant shot from Rakitic. Everything seemed immovable. Sampapoli was pulling Ocamos, on the first day he could use it. Old charms for new challenges.

Sergio’s team remained comfortable with his withdrawal. See Sevilla unable to play in motion. He didn’t even need to close the bands well, because the center-backs were his. A match they had won in their area. A cross from Suso around minute 90 touched it with Alejo’s hand. Penalty, after review by Hernández Hernánez to the VAR monitor. The great occasion of Seville. Rakitic did not forgive, deceiving Ledesma.

More than air, life for an agonizing Sevilla, without football, and that clings to whatever it takes to get out of the relegation drama. Life was going on. Like Cádiz. The button of a point escaped him in an unfortunate play. They squeezed the yellows in overtime. They were vital points. They are. For both. Sevilla took them. The battle is not over. The first lap hasn’t even been finished. Reaching Europe is usually the big goal. Saving the category has no point of comparison.

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