Senators spent almost three million on trips in 2022, 22% more


The transparency portal of the Senate has published in the economic regime section the expenses derived from the transport of parliamentarians during the past year. Thus, the expense of the trips of the senators charged to the budget of the Upper House has amounted to 2,915,300.74 euros throughout 2022which represents 635,000 euros, 21.7%, more than the previous year, when there were still restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic and there was even a capacity limitation.

In 2022, the expenses of the first quarter were 618,859 euros, those of the second quarter were 841,437 euros, while those of the third quarter were 609,029 euros, and now the Senate has published the data corresponding to the last quarter of the year.

Specifically, in the last three months of the year, the total reflected is 802,825.06 euros, divided between the parliamentary, political and official trips of the senators, although the total billing for this period, that is, what it really costs to the Senate, is 845,973.72 euros, since management expenses are also included herecancellation and change of tickets, as well as issued tickets pending use.

Taxi Card

The Upper House bears the expenses of the trips of the senators in the means of collective transport (plane, train, bus or ship) for the performance of their parliamentary activity, to carry out activities of a political, sectoral or institutional representation nature, as well as official trips made on behalf of the Senate.

Likewise, the Senate delivers to parliamentarians a ‘Taxi-Card’ with a maximum annual credit of 3,000 eurosvalid to cover your trips in the Community of Madrid, and, in the case of using your own car, you pay 0.25 euros per kilometer, as well as, where appropriate, the amounts of motorway tolls.

Comparison with other years

This 2022 has served for the Senate to gradually recover activity prior to the coronavirus pandemic, and, although the capacity of 75% has been maintained during the first months, has spent 634,974 euros more than in 2021. Specifically, the Senate allocated 2,280,326.17 euros to the travel of senators throughout 2021. While, in 2020, which coincided with the toughest time and with the most restrictions due to Covid-19, the Senate spent 1.65 millions of euros.

For its part, throughout 2019, prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the Senate allocated a total of 1.71 million euros to these trips. During this exercise the dissolution of the Cortes Generales took place due to the call for elections. In previous years, the Senate allocated 3.37 million for the trips of the senators in 2018while in 2017 it spent 3.01 million and in 2016, 2.01 million.

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