Scholz avoids committing to send Leopard to Ukraine in Davos, despite international pressure



The German Chancellor slips away from the audience even when faced with a direct question from a Ukrainian in the audience

The German chancellor, Olaf Scholz, during his speech before the Davos Forum this Wednesdaymarkus schreiberPA

“It is a matter of time before Germany sends the Leopard tanks, but we hoped that they would announce it to us here,” a Ukrainian citizen protested from the World Economic Forum auditorium, addressing the German chancellor with a microphone, Olaf Schölz.

The President of the Forum, klaus schwabhe had given him the floor to ask Scholz and, after the complaint, I asked him about when he would send this armament that the president Zelensky considered decisive, but the chancellor slipped away. After a lengthy monologue about Germany’s military aid to Ukraine, Scholz evaded committing to supplying the Leopards. He did not rule it out, but he remained uncommitted despite strong international pressure for him to take the plunge. Both the presidents of Poland, andrej dudalike from Lithuania, Nauseda Gypsyhave expressly requested in the Forum that Scholz make that decision once and for all.

What the chancellor did is ensure that Germany will continue to send military material. “We will continue to support Ukraine with a large supply of weapons, in coordination with our partners,” said the German Social Democratic leader. He expressly mentioned that he already includes among the options the Patriot missiles and the IRIS.T defensive system. He recalled that the United States is the first power to provide weapons to Ukraine, “but then we have the United Kingdom and Germany.”

Scholz began his speech showing his condolences for the death of the head of the Interior of the Ukrainian government and assured that “Russia is completely failing in its imperialist objectives.”

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