Sánchez announces a law that will force parity in company councils


The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has announced that the next Council of Ministers will approve a new Law on equal representation between men and women. The highest representative of the Executive, on the occasion of an act of the PSOE on Women’s Day, has reported that the rule will include “zipper lists in the electoral lawparity in the Council of Government Ministers and parity in the boards of directors of the country’s large companies”, as well as in the governing boards of professional associations and in the juries of public recognition. The latter, so that “what happens to Nadia Calvino, that every time he is going to give a prize, the jury is only made up of men”he ironized.

The also general secretary of the Socialists has congratulated himself during his speech on the importance of the implementation of the quota system. “Before, the photos full of men and without any women it seemed that it meant that there were no valid women; that is why we promote quotas”. She has stated that in Spain, during the Popular Party government stage, the average presence of women on company boards it was “only 13%.” “Now, we have gone to 37% in private firms and more than 30% in public ones; we still have to improve,” he added. “They are systems that allow us to reduce historical inequalities,” said Sánchez, to recall that in the Spanish Parliament, female deputies already represent 46% of the total number of Parliaments.

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