Ribera announces that H2Med will be operational “around 2028 or 2029”


The third vice president for the Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, Teresa Ribera, has warned that the corridor built expressly for the transport of green hydrogen between Barcelona and Marseillewhich could be partially financed by the EU, will be operational “around 2028 or 2029not 2025 or 2026″.

With the boost of this great infrastructure, it is expected and expected that Spain will become the exporter of almost the 10% of the hydrogen that the EU consumes in 2030. This will reinforce the position that Spain already holds (along with Portugal) as the leader in the production of renewable energy in the EU.

In an interview on TV3, Ribera has insisted that the infrastructure “requires long terms” and has rclaimed its financing with European fundsunderstanding that it is of Community interest and not only of Portugal, Spain and France.

EU funding pending a decision

Thus, he has detailed that in 2023 the European Commission will confirm if it is indeed of interest to the community club, that if so European resources will arrive in 2024 and that “immediately after” the works will begin, since he has defended that the planning works be carried out previously.

The vice president has predicted that H2Med will also promote reindustrialization related to the economy of the future and has opted for “developing storage techniques” to use renewable energy in cases in which electricity cannot be used.

Asked if the Government will extend the period to access European aid for rehabilitating buildings, she has guaranteed “maximum flexibility within what are the obligations towards the European Commission” because, if not, Spain should return the available resources, according to her.

Golf of Roses (Girona)

Ribera has affirmed that “very soon” the Council of Ministers will approve the plans for the management of maritime spaces, in which it will establish in which areas they can be installed wind farmsamong which there will be the Golf de Roses (Girona), although he has clarified that it will not be this Tuesday.

Asked about the Girona area, she has maintained that the Executive has worked with the Generalitat, city councils and local actors and has insisted that said approval “does not mean that there is an automatic authorization”, but that will analyze the project later “with all precautions”.

“We will approve the management plans immediately and on that basis we will work on the concrete”, in reference to where, when and how there may be a wind development in the Golf de Roses (Girona). The minister considered it strange that France carried out this activity and that “there was no absolutely careful coexistence, absolutely supervised and with all the precautions” on the part of Spain.

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