Requests to vote by mail set a new record with more than 2.6 million


The celebration of general elections in the middle of the summer season, the Spaniards have skyrocketed the applications for voting by mail. This Thursday the term to be able to request it ended, and Correos has announced that it has admitted up to 2,622,808 vote requests by mail with a view to the next electoral appointment to be held on July 23. This new historical recordsupposes an increase of 94.71% compared to the elections of April 28, 2019 (1,346,995).

In a statement, the company details that of the applications to vote by mail, 1,924,976 have been submitted in person and 697,832 electronically. Once the ballot papers have been received, applicants for voting by mail will have to deliver them, proving their identity, at the Post Office before next July 20.

In addition, the entity stresses that the volume of requests to vote by mail received is 80.45% higher to those of the general elections of June 26, 2016 (1,453,446) which, until now, set the record for requests in electoral processes of Spanish democracy.

According to Correos forecasts, throughout today 1,885,223 electoral documents will have been made available to voters, “a delivery rate comparatively higher than other processes“, among them, that of the regional and municipal elections on May 28.

Key dates for voting by mail

After verifying the registration of the applicants in the Census, the Provincial Delegations send the shipments with the documentation, which must arrive at the Post Offices until July 16 so that it can be distributed among the citizens as it receives them.

Postmen will make at least two attempts to deliver the documentation in hand to the addressee. If this has not been possible, They will leave a notice for you to pick it up at your office, where the staff will verify the identity of the voter by means of the DNI, Passport or Driving License and will write down the number of the identification document attesting to the receipt of the envelopes.

What happens if the documentation does not arrive?

In the event that the voter has not received their electoral documentation and is going to change their address, you need to locate the registration number of your shipment on the Electoral Census website and go, as soon as possible, to a post office to request the reissue of the documents and their delivery to the new address.

That registration number also allows the voter check the shipping status in the Correos website locator.

The deposit of votes ends on July 20

The solicitor You have until Thursday, July 20to deposit the envelope with your vote at any Post Office throughout Spain, during its opening hours.

As agreed by the Central Electoral Board, the voter must be identified with the ID, passport, driving license, residence card or any other valid document to cast the vote.

proxy vote

If you have requested a vote by mail and you cannot personally go to the Post Office to deposit it, can authorize another person to make the delivery. To carry out this procedure, Correos recommends using the authorization model that can be downloaded from the website

Correos warns: do not wait for the last day

Correos recommends to citizens that don’t wait until the last day and that they take advantage of the extended hours of the post offices to deposit their vote as soon as possible.

A total of 106 offices in Madrid and Barcelona will open on Saturday July 15 from nine in the morning to nine at night and on Sunday the 16th, from nine to two in the afternoon. These extraordinary openings will be joined by offices throughout Spain, particularly in coastal tourist areas where a greater influx is expected.

Specific, 1,966 offices across the country will open on Saturday and 276 on Sundaylocated in province capitals of tourist areas of Andalusia, the Valencian Community, Murcia or the Balearic Islands.

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