Real Madrid: White blood after the World Cup: 12 points lost out of 30


ANDhe real Madrid go to Barcelona a little further. The nine points in the absence of 14 days opens a distance that places the conquest of The league for the whites in a way to achieve something never seen before, a comeback that not even the king of that luck seems to be able to achieve.

In it villamarn They added their third consecutive game without winning, which has not happened since September 2021. Then they were a tie against Villarreal and defeats against Sheriff and Espanyol. But the start of the season and that streak did not make a dent in a team that won the League and the Champions League.

Now it is different. Because we are entering the decisive phase of the season and the league championship is going to Madrid a little more. Barcelona’s mistake last week seemed like a lifeline for the whites, but the goalless game in helipolis increases the distance to nine points.

A good part of that distance has been cemented since the return of the competition after the World Cup. Of the 30 points that have been played since Madrid traveled to Valladolid, to win 0-2, 12 have fallen by the wayside. The distance with the Barcelona when the championship stopped it was two points; now it has shot up to nine.

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What’s more, after the first day played after the World Cup they ended up tied after winning the Madrid in pucela and the 1-1 between Barcelona and Spanish on New Year’s Eve. Since that equality on points, 27 more have been disputed: the Barcelona the three of Alemera have been left; the whites, those 12.

repeated setbacks

The solidity of the whites in The league it has been diluted. Three draws and two defeats give those 12 points ceded in ten games (40%), which makes the goal of repeating the League title almost impossible, an exaggerated task.

The potholes began with the defeat in the field of the villarrealwhich was later added to the harvest harvested in the battle before in Majorca. To those six points is added the draws at home against Real Sociedad and Atlético de Madridin addition to the 0-0 last night at Villamarn.

Madrid presents itself with this panorama two weeks after the Clásico. Through it receives the Spanish and afterwards he will have his eyes fixed on the fact that the Athletic hurt Barcelona in saint mamas. But whatever happens in Bilbao, they can only think about winning at the Camp Nou.

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