Real Madrid: This is how Modric’s renewal with Real Madrid ended: he told Florentino that he did not want the Arab millions


Luka modric continue another year at Real Madrid. It is an open secret that will become official in the coming weeks, when the Croatian signs his new contract, very similar to the one I signed a year ago. The white club maintains practically the same conditions for 23/24 as in this season. Neither salary reduction nor modification in the variables by objectives for Luka, who will see his wish to play until he is 38 years old fulfilled for Real Madrid. He will become the second oldest player in history to wear the white jersey, second only to Puskas, who played at 39 years and 36 days. For that record, Luka would have to renew one year, for 24/25. But for that there will be time. Now, Modric is focused on enjoying his present at Real Madrid.

Modric’s renewals with Madrid are always simple, although this last one has had a little more suspense than the previous ones. Luka has lived these last months with a lot of uncertainty, waiting for an agreement and a definitive call that did not take place. For some time, doubts about his future assailed the Croatian. He was always clear that he wanted to continue at Real Madrid and that is why he did not pay much attention to the astronomical offers he received. The first, that of Arabia, from where the amounts were rising in search of a s. Then, one from Qatar, not so generous but also out of the market for what European football is. Some figures, in short, that will make anyone doubt.

With these offers on the table, those in charge of negotiating for Modric with the Madrid They expected a call that did not finish coming because in the white club they feared that Luka was thinking about it. “Does Modric want to head to Arabia?”, They reflected in the white club, which for a long time were waiting for the movements of the Croatian and his advisers, about whom not much is known. Because Modric, discreet as he is, does not have the typical representatives who give interviews and appear in the media. It is known that he works with Vlado Lemic, a person who has always remained in the shadows and about whom little or nothing is known. is also Pedja Mijatovic, who sometimes acts as a negotiator with the club. And then it’s Borja Coucethe young representative and one of the people the Croatian star trusts the most.

In this context, Madrid was going to respect any decision he made, as they have done with all footballers who are considered legends. There are the recent cases of Varane and casemiro or of Xabi Alonsoif we look back.

It was always clear

But Luka modric He was not thinking precisely of taking a side, but of continuing to compete and win at Madrid. With the illusion and ambition of a youth, his only objective was to renew. And, tired of waiting and in case there was any doubt on the part of Madrid, he decided to grab the bull by the horns. Putting aside the offers from Arabia and Qatar, he asked Florentino Pérez for a one-on-one meeting to fix his future quickly and efficiently. And in the face-to-face, Luka Modric, transparent as always, told Florentino Pérez that he did not want the Arab millions, but rather to continue at Real Madrid. “We renew you for another year, under the same conditions you have now,” Florentino told him. Done deal. There was no signature after that meeting, because between Luka and the president of Madrid there are no doubts. What is said goes to Mass.

Modric made it clear in that meeting with Real Madrid that he would respect any decision the club made and that in no case did he want an extension out of gratitude for the services rendered. If Modric has something it is ambition and pride and if he stays it is to be useful to the team. And, once he has renewed, let no one doubt that the Croatian will stay to compete for a place in the eleven. Residual roles are not going for him at all, apart from the fact that his football continues to show that we are facing a very current player. Florentino, after speaking with him, ended up delighted.

So Modric will continue at Real Madrid, at least, until the June 30, 2024. And beyond there, you cannot know. It may have crossed his mind on some occasion that this is the year of his retirement from Madrid, but it is impossible to venture anything now. And less with Modric, a player who never runs out and is renewed every season. In the next few days, possibly when the tie with City passes, the contract will be signed, which is already being drafted.

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