Real Madrid: There will be a Clásico in preseason: July 29 in Dallas


ANDhe real Madrid and the Barcelona They will return to the United States next season to carry out their respective preseasons. The American market is the one that brings the most benefits to the two greats of Spanish football, who will play alongside Milan, Manchester United, Arsenal and Juventus the Soccer Champions Tour.

The highlight will be the Clásico that will be played in Dallas on July 29, a meeting that is becoming a tradition. Last summer it was held at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas and this year it changes location at the request of the organizers. In total, there will be four matches that both teams will play on American soil.

The first duel of Madrid will dispute the July 23 in Los Angeles, against Milan. The second, on the 26th against United in Houston. The third will be the Clásico in Dallas, on July 29. And to finish, the whites will face Juve on August 2, in Orlando.

It is probable that Madrid will exercise a week before these matches at the University of UCLA, the whites’ headquarters in recent years.

The preseason of Real Madrid

  1. July 23th: Real Madrid-Milan (Los Angeles)
  2. July 26: Real Madrid-Man. united (Houston)
  3. July 29: Real Madrid-Barcelona (Dallas)
  4. August 2nd: Real Madrid-Juventus (Orlando)

Barcelona swap United for Arsenal

El Bara, meanwhile, will play their first two games in California. The first meeting will be on July 22 against Juventus, in the town of Santa Clara (San Francisco). The second, on July 26, against Arsenal in Los Angeles. The 29th will be the Clásico and the Catalans will close the tour on August 1st in Las Vegas, against Milan.

This is the seventh tour of the Barcelona through the North American country. The Catalans already did their preseason there last summer. The club considers the United States a strategic market with great room for growth. In addition to the direct income these tours provide, the club is always trying to close new sponsorship deals, like the one it signed with Sisley to sponsor the women’s game in 2018.

Bara’s preseason

  1. July 22: Barcelona-Juventus (Santa Clara, S.F.)
  2. July 26: Barcelona-Arsenal (Los Angeles)
  3. July 29: Real Madrid-Barcelona (Dallas)
  4. August 1: Barcelona-Milan (Las Vegas)

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