Real Madrid: The noise turns off Vinicius


ANDhe Real Madrid he left saint mamas with three points of those that are said to be something else. Because of the context, because of the rival’s push and because the week started with the sting of defeat in the Spanish Super Cup. ancelotti He has put two players in the wheel who were not, at least as a first unit: Ceballos and Asensio. You have found the umpteenth superlative answer of Nacho when he had to reckon with him. And in saint mamas his team significantly raised the defensive level.

But he also returns with a problem that is getting worse, that of a Vinicius how far from Bernabou It has become the epicenter of the anger of rival fans. Something that has consequences on the performance of the Brazilian. The scenario has been repeated for a long time: Vallecas, Villarreal, Valladolid, Bilbao… The fury of the rival fans towards the carioca started before the game, without there having been a reason for the rejection of the stands. It is to announce his name and roar the stadiums.

Later, that translates into matches in which Vinicius he gets into battles that affect his game. There are times that he solves them, like in the Cup when in the ceramic He appeared in all three goals, but the feeling that remains is that his game is greatly affected by so much noise and is far from the level he showed last season.

The match of saint mamas was a clear example. The passing of the minutes drew a scenario in which the speed and verticality of the 20 of the Madrid They could sentence the game. However, he found out more about him due to friction with his rivals (De Marcos, Iaki Williams, Nico, Vesga…) than for actions in which it was important for his team.

Everyone pushes him: fans, rivals, referees… The truth is that I don’t know why that happens

Carlo Ancelotti

It is a problem that Carlo Ancelotti is aware. And the Italian does not hide that it is an issue that is affecting his player. “Everybody pushes him: fans, rivals, referees… The truth is that I don’t know why that happens, because he is dedicated to playing. It affects him, but he is young and I’m sure he’s going to improve in this aspect. It’s He is a very sensitive boy and I talk to him so that he is focused. We want him to be more respected”, he explained in the press room of saint mamas.

The passage of time has made Vinicius a footballer who in every field in Spain -it never happens in the Champions– is eagerly awaited. What happens in some exits is now a roadmap. For a year, when in the Cup, and in Bilbao, dani garca unhinged Viniciushistory repeats itself.

I work for Carletto

ancelotti has detected the problem, because it sees that it is an issue that affects the performance of your computer. It is a subject to work on and try to control. That happens only for what the Italian can control and work: the head of Vinicius. That is why the Italian does not stop in the games to be attentive to what his player is doing, to protect him and also so that he can concentrate only on the field and forget about gestures to the stands and rivals. And to protest to the collegiates.

On Thursday, at home and in the derby, Vinicius count on the warmth of yours, a Bernabou who loves and adores you. But the next exit is Palma. Last season he already had a good racket in the visit to are moix and with railloand this is the visit of Mallorca to Chamartn It also had the Brazilian as a protagonist beyond his game.

The Madrid He knows that this problem has no solution as far as rival hobbies are concerned. S understands that the referees have to protect more Vinicius. And that the Brazilian must learn to move in this hostile context from his rivals and the fans. Why ancelotti He needs him to be focused and be the one from last season, the one with the 22 goals and the deadly partnership with Benzema. This season he has 11, but he hasn’t seen a goal in the League since the match against him. Girona30th of October.

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