Real Madrid: The Florentino Pérez method as a guarantee of success


Real Madrid continues to win titles. There are already three in the season and he does it based on a solid projectmany times questioned, but that manages to be solvent both in sports and economically. The order of importance is not written because they go hand in hand and although it may seem strange, one is a consequence of the other. Florentino Pérez is the leader of the projectthe man who brings everything together and who, like Santiago Bernabu did, will go down in football history.

With the conquered Saturday, the president of Real Madrid already has 32 titles in the soccer section, surpassing those achieved by Bernabu, the president who marked an era and who for many laid the foundations of European football through his management. Florentino Pérez has always had him as a reference. The numbers and the recent history of the Madrid entity already place him above the legendary Madrid president.

History has been repeating itself in recent years. The criticism points to everything done by Real Madrid, but time ends up giving the reason to the project led by Florentino Pérez and that it is based on the stability of the club above all else. There is no one ahead of the entity and sporting decisions are made based on this. Sports management is questioned, which for some is a lack of transfers, but sports performance is beyond doubt. just look what has been achieved since the arrival of Carlo Ancelotti: the six possible titles within the reach of the self-respecting club. As the Italian said, something that many have not achieved in his history, a coach who has understood what the Madrid club is like no one else.

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The Real Madrid squad has been strengthened in the last two years, as evidenced by the arrivals of camavinga, praise, rdiger and Tchouamni. In December the white club signs endrick and in the next few weeks Bellingham will do the same. Movements that have been reinforcing the base of the squad, guaranteeing the competitive level in the short and long term. Players like Vinicius, Rodrygo, Militao, Valverde, Camavinga, Tchouamni and the two that are yet to arrive are the endorsement of the coming seasons.

Florentino Prez has endowed the club with a sports structure headed by José Ángel Sánchezwhich has Juni Calafattogether with his team, as the one in charge of looking for that emerging talent. Santiago Solari and Manu Fernndez complete the base of this structure. The club’s general manager understands like few others what the president is looking for and respects the history of Real Madrid, the first step to understanding the future. Reinforcements are searched from what is in the template. The idea is clear and banishes that of two holders per position.

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Of course, after some failed experiences in the past, They are looking for footballers who can be starters. There is no place for second level players and everything within reasonable economic parameters. Money for offensive talent. Not all positions ‘have’ the same money when it comes to reinforcing. Also, in the last year the quarry re-emerges, in which is another great news. Valdebebas is producing, even for the first team.

season after season, the president of Real Madrid seeks balance and economic solvency as a guarantee of sporting success. Hence the sales of soccer players that are produced and that are largely the basis of what is to come. Healthy numbers and operations within the indicated margins, especially in terms of salaries, capable of resisting a pandemic and the harassment of the state clubs.

The great income comes as a consequence of the success and growth of the team, which brings with it the greatest presence of Real Madrid on the entire planet. Soon, the new Bernabu guarantee the future of the entitybut as long as the current criteria continue to be applied, something that with Florentino Pérez at the helm is guaranteed.

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