Real Madrid: The coming Madrid: evolution, not revolution


C.on the signings of Eduardo camavinga (2021) and Aurlien Tchouamni (2022), Real Madrid began to take the first steps to undertake the generational relief of the most legendary midfield in the club’s history. The trio formed by Casemiro, Kroos and Modric since 2014, broken after the departure of the Brazilian to united last summer, he is a victim of biology, despite the fact that the German and the Croatian maintain their validity in Carlo’s idea of ​​the game ancelotti.

The signings of the two Frenchmen, 20 and 22 years oldrespectively, can be seen complemented with the arrival at the Bernabu of Jude Bellingham (19), the player chosen by the club to complete the sweet transition from a legendary midfielder to a new cycle in the team’s evolution. Because that is what it is about, evolution and not revolution. First, because it is understood in the club that the CMK it is unique and unrepeatable; second, because its members have earned the right to choose their destiny after a brilliant service record in the entity; and, thirdly, because soccer seems to have definitively turned to a new modelin which the rhythm, power intensity and dynamism, always with quality as the starting pointa, are intuited as bases of possible future successes.

Camavinga, Tchouamni and Bellinghamif he finally ends up choosing the option of Madrid, they fit like gloves into that model, which in attack is personified in the vertigo of Vininus Y Rodrygo and in defense in the hierarchy of soccer players like military, praise either rdiger, the last two in full maturity. The structure is assembled to the lack of ‘small’ details, and it’s not just about money.

Bellingham can go over the 100 millions of euros and endrickwhich will arrive in 2024, can go until the 60 including variables. Madrid is obliged to pay very high figures to maintain its sporting level and brand in the face of the strength of the club-states.

Bellingham goal (1-0) in England 6-2 Irn

This evolution, and not revolution, is not exclusive. On the contrary, it has Kroos (33 years old) and Modric (37), although both are different cases. In the German’s, his decision to continue in white is awaited with optimism, always with respect for the sporting and personal approaches and priorities of the white ‘8’. In Modric’s case, legend unquestionable of the institution, the player’s desire is clear, and the logical thing would be for the club to respect his will.

Pending Bellingham’s decision, Madrid’s bet seems defined. One cycle ends and another begins, the law of life and the law of football. The club, which has been able to extend a triumphant cycle in which they are still immersed to five European Cups, does not want to lose face to the future. A new football that requires a evolution of a more than proven successful model.

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