Real Madrid: Rodrygo, another game to zero

ANDl real Madrid fell into the Metropolitano for his defensive errors bulk, but also for its problems scoring. Bellingham has been the one who has supported the team without Vinicius with six points. Worrying, however, is the Rodrygo casefrom whom much more was expected, especially since his compatriot was injured against Celta on the third day of the League.

But Rodrygo it doesn’t start and you also start to see it something desperate because nothing he tries works and when he has had some clarity he has not been good or he has lacked luck.

In fact, the numbers of Rodrygo They are far from what was expected. Marc in the first league game, the second goal against Athletic in San Mams (0-2), and it stayed there. He has been a starter in all the games, all six in the League plus last week’s game. Championsand has not seen the goal except in the league premiere.

So what Rodrygowith the absence of Vinitiationhas positioned himself further to the left, in his natural position that he has always sacrificed to leave that space for his compatriot.

So far in the campaign, Rodrygo adds the two goals he scored in the last break with Brazil and which made one think of a takeoff that did not come. So, Madrid also has a problem up top. Already without Benzema, Joselu He has scored two goals, but both in the Bernabu. And little else. Vini and Fedewith a goal, complete the list of scorers.

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