Real Madrid-Real Sociedad: Joselu fulfills the ‘9’ mission


ANDReal Madrid maintained its record of victories with another comeback in a very complicated match. He overcame an exhibition by Kubo at the head of a Real team full of personality, and he did it with character and with a goal.. The first was carried out by the sides, a huge Carvajal despite not participating in goals and a Fran Garca redeemed from a terrible first half thanks to insistence and success. And the shot was from the most canonical ‘9’ that the white team has. Joselu broke into the battering ram’s area to do his job cleanly. Three-point smash. The international has been impeccable so far.

No, it wasn’t just any Sunday. It was a Sunday that changed Spanish football forever. El Domingo de Pepe, the voice that for decades turned the radio into a friend, companion, accomplice. That is why the Santiago Bernabu stood up before the ball rolled to put their hearts on the grass and open the minute of tribute with applause. It seemed like an emotional night, and it was Takefusa Kubo who uncorked the match with genius. He received control on his right side, raised his eyebrow and placed the ball at the precise point in the area where Barrenetxea broke through. He shot powerfully, surprisingly, Kepa took it first and the striker scored with the second effort. Second game at the Bernabu, second visitor advantage right at the start. I work for Ancelotti.

As against Getafe, Madrid went into the break at a disadvantage. The opponent was radically different. La Real is a Champions team, they feel better with the ball than without it, and they have high-class, very high-class footballers. Zubimendi, Merino, Brais, Barrene, Oyarzabal… All magnificent in passing and touching. All convinced of getting the ball to Kubo, unstoppable in the first half. He shot a diagonal and sent the ball next to the post, but it was disallowed due to Oyarzabal’s offside. He received another one in the side and stopped in the area, hypnotic, paying homage to the Vulture, choosing the exact moment to serve Merino the goal. Kepa avoided it, miraculously. The Japanese exhibition ended in the first half with a shot at Kroos that the German cut short. Ungovernable Takefusa.

The recital by the Real winger put Fran Garca in trouble. He is tireless, he attacks with judgment, but on the white team he too often has to face a two-on-one situation that he cannot resolve. If he goes out, they pass him. If it holds, the rival serves goals. The youth player suffered a lot in that first act, although he did not receive much help from the rest, who were uninspired. Because Madrid had more of the ball in that first act, but the management was worse. He had good pressure for a while, recovering in someone else’s field. In fact, he enjoyed a handful of good chances, with a crossbar from Joselu and a couple of good interventions from Remiro. But there was a lack of decision in the auction. Nobody better than Rodrygo to achieve the white goal. He made a mistake by Le Normand, he came out like lightning away from the defenders but he closed the angle to favor the work of Remiro, who took it out without difficulty.

Madrid went to half-time dazed, without finding Bellingham, released in the 4-2-3-1. nor Valverde, away from the right wing. dFrom there the Uruguayan inaugurated the second act, more of arrest than of reality.. He escaped from his pair, he reversed so that Rodrygo waited for Fran García, center back and Fede’s right shot, to the post and the net. A whiplash and the game was tied. Those, The way he reacted to Real’s punishment was exemplary. He caught the ball, handled it judiciously, took advantage of the white step back and took over the football, provoking impatient whistles from the Bernabu, although without producing any chances.

Madrid knew how to suffer in those minutes, clearly dominated. And it was assumed that he would find an exit on the right, where Carvajal was the owner and lord of the lane. Well no. Strong and with character, like Pepe’s cigarillos or his Pacharn, Pacharn, Fran García searched for his band and served a perfect center, touched, with a thread, ideal for a good finisher. What Joselu is, impeccable in the header. Second comeback accomplished, although this time with a lot of time ahead.

The 2-1 caused the changes. Ancelotti withdrew Joselu to leave Rodrygo as a false striker. Camavinga and Modric came in to save the ball. Good play. Imanol delayed his reliefs somewhat, trusting that the media would prevail again. This time they found no solution in Kubo, who paid for the effort and the white adjustment, with Kroos attentive to help. Fran Garca went too far in a tackle and had to be substituted to avoid the second yellow. It served to prove what a hot-blooded youth player likes at Bernabu. Imanol’s triple relief refreshed the entire attack and raised the level of suffering. He pushed, although the clearest opportunity in the final stretch was a great maneuver by Brahim, who always contributes, which Bellingham was able to convert into the third, sixth of the season. Remiro avoided it with an extraordinary stop. There was no need for the English target. There is ‘9’ for when needed.

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