Real Madrid: Real Madrid’s plan is still on: “City did not prove to be better than us”

The semifinal between Real Madrid and Manchester City has consumed its first drink, but everything is at the starting point. When the referee whistles the start of the Etihad clash, neither team will have any advantage to get the ticket to Istanbul. What the first of the battles has made clear is that the difference that was talked about on paper in favor of Pep Guardiola’s team is not such. is more The conviction of the Madrid dressing room is that the English team is not superior to Real Madrid. Neither in game, nor strategy, nor in intensity and, even less, in physical strength. “They are no better than us”

Champions League semifinals (first leg): Summary and goals for Real Madrid 1-1 Manchester City

Optimism is breathed by Valdebebas, the one that emerges from what was seen on the pitch in the Santiago Bernabu clash. Carlo Ancelotti’s orders were clear. The coaching staff knew that sooner or later the time for Manchester City’s territorial dominance would come. The starting point was clear and he went through not despairing, both when defending, and when leaving the ball.

In the first of the two missions, the Madrid eleven were perfect. The team arranged itself in a low block and knew how to stop the English attack by more and more touches to the ball than the team from Pep Guardiola hit the center of the field, barely creating danger, with Stones and Walker as protagonists. When the ball was released, I know that Carlo Ancelotti’s men were too hasty until the first half hour of the game. They searched too quickly for long balls at the race of Benzema or Vinicius.

They were activated from the left wing

Camavinga was one of those who received Ancelotti’s notice and this followed He drove the ball for fifty meters that ended in the Brazilian’s goal. From that moment on, history changed and control of the ball belonged to Real Madrid, although in the end the possession and touch data leaned towards City.

The feeling with which the Real Madrid players ended makes them look at the end of the tie with optimism. He maintains that they were in control of the situation and that they know how to handle this type of situation better than Guardiola’s men, who at different times had what happened last season in their heads. ancelotti he will place youth, energy, football and power alike on the field of play.

The story in the Etihad will be very similar to the one lived in the Bernabu. At least in the approach. Real Madrid is not going to go crazy in defense at any time. The idea is to maintain order and that football and physique gradually become moreSomething similar to what happened in the first leg, which showed that Ancelotti’s team is not inferior to Guardiola’s, no matter how many messages arrive from England and other parts of the world.

First, Manchester City was going to subdue the white team at the Bernabu and now it is at the Etihad where they show their superiority. So were Liverpool and Chelsea and Real Madrid won at Anfield by two goals to five and at Stamford Bridge by zero goals to two. In Valdebebas at least they don’t think that way. They calmly wait for their moment, the one that will end up appearing.

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