Real Madrid: Real Madrid’s indifference towards Gil Marn


Yototal and absolute difference from Real Madrid towards the words of Gil Marnin which the CEO of Atlético de Madrid questions the meaning of the competition, clearly pointing out the referees (on Monday they will decide to translate the words to integrity) and the Madrid team. Simeone He threw the stone hot and Gil Marn shaped it hours later. Distraction strategy.

The Madrid dressing room, after the derby: pampering Vinicius, a “the assistance was mine…”

The Real Madrid it will not enter the rag. He is going to follow his path and continue considering Atltico as any rival, one more and one of the few with whom relations are cold and distant. The strategy of the Madrid entity is not to seek justifications (something that Gil Marn has clearly done as the season unfolds) and even less to go to war with anyone, something that is not going to happen.

De Paul was forceful with the non-expulsion of Ceballos: “There is no controversy”

As is logical, everything points. Nothing is forgotten, but there is no reaction. There is no cause effect. Each one will continue to make life on their own, period. At least they think so valdebebas. Relations beyond what the protocol establishes were in the most absolute vacuum since last season and they will continue like this.

Ancelotti: “What happened with Vinicius is very unfortunate, but it is behind us”

What has attracted attention is that in the words of Gil Marn there is talk of the excessive media burden of protecting a player (Vinicius although he does not mention it), with everything that happened the same day of the game, sad doll through. They consider that not everything is valid to justify a bad season (eliminated in Europe at the first opportunity) and even less with such a serious issue involved

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