Real Madrid: Real Madrid takes action in the ‘Negreira case’


Two Classics loom on the horizon. Or rather, three. The first of them in a week and the truth is that he will arrive loaded with tensionlike the one in the first week of April with the final of the Copa del Rey in Game. And no less than the one that will be disputed in the courts. It doesn’t matter, at least for the Board of directors of Real Madridwho on Sunday morning decided to take the step of appearing at the moment in which the prosecutor’s lawsuit against the Barcelona be admitted for processing.

“Real Madrid expresses its deep concern about the seriousness of the events and reiterates its full confidence in the action of justice and has agreed that, in defense of its legitimate interests, it will appear in the procedure as soon as the judge opens it to the injured parties”, read the statement issued by the white club after the Board of Directors held in Valdebebas.

Real Madrid appear in the ‘Negreira Case’

Look out for your interests

He real Madrid acts regardless of the moment and although it has respected certain unwritten pacts, but spoken as the one of touch players from the Barcelona youth academy for that of the good relations that exist, at all times has put the interests of the entity first above any common agreement or project, such as the super league.

As it happens with the signings, Real Madrid has waited and the decisions are made by the directors with Florentino Prez at the helm. And this time she has not been an exception. The club always puts the interests of the entity first, despite the fact that at many times they are questioned and pointed out for a certain inaction. But nothing is further from reality.

the idea is clear

With the step taken, being the only team that has decided to appear until the moment when, by virtue of the complaint, all those affected can be affected, What the white club wins is defending its interests with access to the entire summary and may request penalties and compensation, if deemed appropriate. In the same way as also be empowered to question the defendants at the hearing and to request actions in the procedure to clarify the facts. That is to say, defend what he considers his own or what could have been his.

Barcelona had knowledge of what the white Directive was going to decide regarding appearing in the complaint filed by the prosecutor. It must be remembered that the current president, Joan Laporta, does not appear as a defendant. Will the relationship between the two entities remain the same? It is clear that no, at least from the outside doors. Does it mean the end of the Super League? The project goes ahead, because it is an idea that they consider necessary and that was completely independent of the future of the clubs, which have continued to defend their interests at all times, as has been demonstrated throughout all this time.

If Barcelona was part of the project, it was not because of affinity with Real Madrid, and if for defending their interests. Exactly the same thing that the white club has done with the decision adopted by its Board of Directors on the morning of Sunday, March 12. Justice is the one that must speak now.

Barcelona is innocent of what they are accused of and the victim of a campaign against their honor, in which everyone is now involved.

Joan Laporta

Laporta’s reaction

For its part, the Barca club has not hesitated to respond to the move made by the white club in the last few hours. “Culs, be calm. Barcelona is innocent of what they are accused of and the victim of a campaign against their honor, in which everyone is now involved.. No surprise, we will defend Bara and prove the Club’s innocence. Many will have to rectify” the president of Barcelona said on his twitter profile, Joan Laporta.

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