Real Madrid: Real Madrid seeks a place for Arda Güler


ANDl Follow-up carried out by the technicians of the real Madrid about Arda Guler It couldn’t have been more positive. The reports speak clearly of a more than interesting player and whose style of play would fit into the Madrid team. As reported by MARCA last week, the white team did not want to miss the opportunity and is involved in the fight for his possible signing, although he has not yet decided to take the final step and transfer a firm offer to Fenerbahce.

The message is not contradictory, although it may seem so. Real Madrid has positioned itself in the player’s future Given the clear interest that the sports management has shown in his possible hiring. It fits perfectly in the search for that talent and in finding future players at an affordable price. We must surrender to the evidence that letting time go by and signing the footballer in question when it has become practically impossible.

This is how Arda Güler plays, the Turkish pearl that Real Madrid closely follows

The clause of 17.5 million euros is considered affordable, but the problem lies in finding a place for the Turkish international in the first team, something that the player demands. The salary would not break the salary balance maintained by the staff either and for the moment it is considered a feasible investment, but The step of immediately finding a place for the young talent of Fenerbahçe is missing.

The option of continuity in the Turkish team is even being considered, but the truth is that there is no firm decision to take the step yet.

Milan, and not Barça, the great rival

Contrary to what has been said, Barcelona does not seem to be the great rival and yes, Milan, which offers him a presence and importance in his first team, a circumstance that Real Madrid has a difficult time for now.

what happened to bellingham It is the best example that you have to get ahead of time. Real Madrid has closed the signing of the Englishman for 103 million euros plus variables days before his 20th birthday. In the case of Güler, his signing would not go beyond 17.5 million euros at the age of 18, a circumstance that Valdebebas is clear that we must begin to take advantage of.

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