Real Madrid: Real Madrid does not alter the course of the seven pending renewals for two games


Seven Real Madrid footballers are out of contract on June 30. Six were on the pitch last Sunday at San Mams, which makes it clear that the Madrid entity does not exert any measure of pressure to force a final position (a movement that other teams have carried out, as was the case of Barcelona with Dembel). and, on the other hand, that Carlo Ancelotti fully trusts them, since two of them (Asensio and Ceballos) received the mission to save the team from elimination cupsomething they achieved and were rewarded with the title against Athletic.

As is logical, and although the decisions will come a little later, the leaders of the white club have already sounded out, have studied the details and have even spoken with some of the players. There is no decision, but I know that some guidelines marked. Of course, there is nothing definitive, since football is capricious and two years ago Lucas Vázquez managed to turn around a situation that seemed to be imminent. Now, two players like Ceballos and Asensio are showing that they can play for Real Madrid and they are managing to change their luck.

The six that worry Real Madrid (Mariano is not going to continue) They could have signed for any other team with the law on their part, but that circumstance has not occurred. Everyone awaits the resolution of their case between calls from third parties, but giving priority to Real Madrid. Kroos’s situation is different because he has already announced that if he does not continue in the white club, he will not sign for any other.

Ceballos has acquired a relevant role in recent days. The midfielder’s participation against Villarreal and Athletic has meant a spectacular change in his situation.In fact, it could have come out in the winter market, a circumstance that is completely ruled out. Several proposals have come to the environment of the Spanish international, who is waiting for the final move from Real Madrid. He does not hide his desire to continue, but there is no decision. In fact, the idea of ​​the leaders was not to renew, a circumstance that is now under observation, although it does not mean that their situation has completely changed. Everything is valued, now and before.

Asensio wins it in the green

Asensio is earning a place in the future of Real Madrid on the pitch. In every game he plays, the World Cup adds up. There are several teams that have knocked on his door, but as with the rest, he is waiting for that promised renewal offer. He wants to continue. The truth is that in the summer he was out and right now his options to continue have risen significantly.

The most special case is that of Luka modric. The Croatian is admired by all and comes from making an outstanding World Cup. Al Nassr sent him a proposal for the next season, one of those that he cannot give up, but the midfielder is very clear about it and does not want to play for another team other than Real Madrid in the 23-24 campaign. Everything is pending a talk between Florentino Pérez and Modric.

The substitution the other day against Athletic was circumstantial and although Ancelotti himself acknowledged that he had recovered his rhythm, the Qatar appointment had already taken its toll at the start of 2023. He will soon return to his best level, the one that cleared up all possible doubts in the start of the season. The rumors that Real Madrid had decided not to renew him or that they had even committed to Al Nassr are completely unfounded.

Nacho is perhaps the most special case of all. He is one of the captains and a man who knows no other crest than the white club. Real Madrid has conveyed to him the desire to have him as long as he wants to continue. From the club they do not talk about economic problems, nor the duration of the contract. They believe that everything obeys a little more to feel valued, something that this season has not been the case.

He has proposals of all kinds, but before making a decision there is a pending meeting between club and player calmer. The panorama, as it happens with Asensio and Ceballos, has changed and now he is once again that player who, whenever he appears, does so in a remarkable way. A month ago he did not seem to have them all with him, but the accolade of the last few days seems to have struck a chord with the defender. angry, as Ancelotti described him.

We close the review with Benzema. The player himself recognized it in Riyadh. There is nothing for now. Keep training and adding. There is no more. Florentino Pérez considers him more than just a footballer and his renewals have been sealed after a brief conversation between the two, finished off by his agent and José Ángel Sánchez. It has not yet occurred, but the club have it until 2024.

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