Real Madrid: Real Madrid between boredom and indifference with Kylian Mbapp


Six years already of Mbapp hanging around Real Madrid and the white club to the French striker. From that refusal when everything was ready in Los Angeles to his doubts last Wednesday after losing in the Champions League against Bayern. Start over, but in this case his ambiguous and interested speech no longer captivates Valdebebas nor is it part of the unique thought of Madridismo.

Of course they like it, that the player has allowed himself to be loved shortly after renewing with PSG and that everyone sees him as a differential player, but much of that chemistry that existed has disappeared. Kylian Mbapp has managed to create a mix between boredom, boredom and disbelief before the latest movements and statements made by the Frenchman and in which he once again questions his future at PSG.

What is Real Madrid going to do? before those siren songs that do not stop coming from Paris? Nothing for the moment. They are not going to go beyond being another observer. What they are clear about is that they are not going to mortgage the future of the 23-24 squad to the possible movements what Kylian Mbapp can do. They don’t see it as a problem for them and s for PSG and for the player himself, who are the ones who renewed their contract nine months ago. It is not known for how long or if there are loopholes, but the truth is that the photo of the striker with Al Khelaifi in the 2025 shirt is no longer valid.

Real Madrid, as we publish here, he is bored with the scenario posed by Mbapp. The wear suffered in the last two years has been brutal. The French did not enter the initial approach for the next season. In which, by the way, Large arrival movements are not expected through Valdebebas.

The wear and tear that they will have to face is considered something that they will never know if it will have positive results. If the striker manages to break ties with PSG, perfectbut the leaders of Real Madrid do not plan to negotiate with Qatar, the French club wants the top scorer in the World Cup to be the reference for everything, as reported by MARCA.

The leaders of Real Madrid They know that PSG would never make a possible agreement easythat the white club is the enemy and that they will never make things easier for a normal development of a negotiation, as they did in the summer of 2021.

Benzema under control

It is true that the moment of Karim Benzema It worries, but the conviction that exists about his future as a Real Madrid player for the next season is once again total despite the doubts that appeared after some of the absences of the nine whites. Unless he says otherwise, his place will continue to be at Real Madrid.

The decision-making in relation to those players who end their contract will be made from the month of April or at least they will be communicated at that time.. Now there is the pulse that in all negotiations always precedes the final decision. There are seven, although Mariano is sure that he will not continue. The rest continue to defoliate the daisy, but each gesture, each presence or absence in the lineups are analyzed in detail and some are leaving traces of what can happen with them.

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