Real Madrid: Nacho triggers the debate: Rüdiger or him


No.or is there a season without the name of Nacho Fernandez jump into the debate about whether you should have more weight in the Real Madrid or not. More than a decade after his arrival in the first team, with just turned 33, the youth squad player has placed that discussion at one of his highest points when you could least think of it. The pessimistic defense The one Ancelotti spoke about at the beginning of last season has triggered the volume of the voices that clamor for his ownership.

The performance of Nacho In recent weeks, whether as a full-back or at the back, it has been high, a growing curve that contrasts with the fall of another defender whom ancelotti included in the list of pessimists: Antonio Rudiger. Powerful in the early part of the season, the Berlin defender is going through an obvious performance crisis. His figure has appeared repeatedly in the goals conceded by the Real Madrid since the return of world. One of the doubts that many technicians had was the adaptation of the German of a defense of three centrals, in which rudiger He lived his best moments in the Chelesia, to one of four. The analysis of the matches, with the adjustment of offside as a nodular element, makes it clear that this rudiger raises more doubts than London.

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Nacho’s comeback

That Nacho was the fourth center of the Madrid squad was something that no one could doubt when the season started. Today, once again, that order is once again in question because the youth player has taken it upon himself to raise the issue until placing ancelotti before an important decision. Of the four centrals of the first unit, because it is clear Vallejo goes another way military It is the one that has remained in the status with which it started in August. The Brazilian, who had such a hard time reaching his level in Madridis the boss of the rear. Rudiger and Alabathis injured now, they have seen Nacho press and press until he was at his level to discuss the plan that seemed drawn up without room for doubt.

Last season, Nacho he went up to 42 games and was a participant in the entire comeback process. From the group fas of the Champions, only stopped playing in the defeat in Paris and in the final. In this campaign, in which the arrival of rudiger It seemed to take 6 out of focus, he was only a starter in The league on the first day (Almeria). From there, the most he has played was half an hour against the Majorca and in nine games he has not taken the field. And despite that, Nacho He has been able to bring up the debate again today as to whether he deserves much more and if his performance does not deserve to be ahead of rudiger. and even of Praise.

The strength it offers Nacho It contrasts with a team whose numbers in defense are not to show their chests. Of the 27 games he has played, he only left his goal undamaged in seven: Getafe, Elche and Valladolid (League), Eintracht, Celtic and Leipizg (European competitions) and Cacereño (Cup).

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