Real Madrid: Nacho and Ceballos raise their voices: “Every time I play I do it well”


ANDn the photo of the comeback of the Real Madrid after losing the Super Cup Two players will come out with their contract ending on June 30 and who have barely played this season: Nacho and Ceballos. The first has contributed to cutting the bleeding of goals against and the second has given more energy to a midfield that had lost strength after the World Cup. Their performance is visible to all, but in case there are still any doubts, they vindicate themselves off the pitch.

It is not very usual that Nacho He talked about himself after the games. Always discreet, his leitmotiv since he made his debut in the first team is to put the collective before everything else. Never one word higher than another, despite the fact that many times he deserved more than what he has been given. What is happening to him on 22/23 is no exception, with fewer minutes than he should have with his performance, hence after the match between saint mamas he will be encouraged to value himself. With respect to the team and his teammates, but without doing less. “I’m showing that every time I play I do it well,” said Nacho, who wants more: “I’m happy to play, to keep adding, I take advantage of everything I have, it’s been a difficult year for me.”

I take advantage of everything I have, it’s been a difficult year for me

Nacho Fernndez, Real Madrid player

It is no secret that Nacho is less happy than ever with his role at Madrid. Already in the summer he had doubts about continuing, aware that once again the club was reinforcing his position, leaving him in the background. In this sense, the signing of Rdiger made him reflect, although his love for Madrid and his desire to be a One club man was stronger than the pain of seeing that the club is not entirely with him.

The season began and he played less than ever, with only one start in the League until San Mams and just 140 minutes out of a possible 1,530. The pessimistic defender, who Ancelotti said, relegated to the bench despite the fact that Madrid signed one of the worst defensive starts in a long time. Alaba and Rdiger have not offered their best version either, but not even for those reasons has Nacho appeared on the team. The injuries to Carvajal and Lucas have been the ones that have opened the doors of the eleven and the ones that have once again reminded that Nacho is a player who deserves to step on the field more regularly. He always plays well.

Ceballos also appears at the key moment

In the same vein was ceballos, player who fights for the renewal. Guti gave him a cable, who in the DAZN interview asked for more minutes for the Sevillian. “Thank you very much Guti, it’s an honor”, the Madrid midfielder thanked him, happy with his role on the pitch: “The first thing I had to contribute was energy and desire and I think I have contributed it and I’m happy to have won “Here it was not easy. Continuity? We are available to the master, he pulled me the other day when the team needed it the most and today he made me the starter, whatever the master asks of me I will be there”.

Goal by Ceballos (2-3) at Villarreal 2-3 Real Madrid

I want to play for Madrid, there is no bigger club than this

Ceballos, Real Madrid player

ceballos He dreams of a contract extension that has not yet arrived. Madrid is in the study and analysis phase of the squad, with Valverde, Camavinga and Tchouamni as fixed and with the cases of Kroos, Modric and Ceballos fully open. also enters into the equation bellinghambut Ceballos does not give up: “I want to play for Real Madrid… there is no bigger club than this, it is time to grit my teeth, I have four months left and many games ahead of me to give the level I should hit this club”

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