Real Madrid: Munuera Montero’s confession to Militao after Vini’s yellow card: “right, listen to me, it’s red, okay?”


mminute 24 and 0-0 on the scoreboard, Vinicius had this hook up with Frenkie De Jong when both players were fighting for possession of the ball in midfield and the match referee, Munuera Montero, decided to end the action whistling a foul in favor of Barcelona and showing the yellow card to the Brazilian star. The ’20’, who did not believe the foul that had just been whistled, I got several smiles of disbelief and many fuss after the decision of the referee.

The hitch between Vinicius and De Jong: yellow for the Brazilian and laughter of disbelief

minutes later, TV cameras captured a conversation between the referee and the Brazilian central defender on the pitch of the Santiago Bernabú after the controversial action between Vinicius and Frenkie de Jong: “der, listen to me, it’s red, okay? He grabs him by the neck and throws him to the ground”he tried to explain during the Clásico in the first leg of the Copa del Rey semifinals.

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