Real Madrid: Mendy charges his critics with reasons in his toughest year at Real Madrid


No.or is he the only one to blame, but Ferland Mendy with matches like the one on Saturday against Villarreal, agrees with all those who question his presence in the first team of the Real Madrid. The Frenchman is not there, but neither is the defense. And so since the season began. Far from the stability of the second part of the last campaign, rivals hit Ancelotti’s men too easily. It gives the feeling that Rudiger has not found his place and that drags down the rest, with Mendy clearly affected and more marked every day.

The future of the side is something that is repeated over time, but on many occasions the doubts are more outward than inward. Technician and teammates trust French, but the truth is that his special way of defying risk with his football enervates the fans. He is capable of the best and the worst. The ball that Grealish’s shot takes off the line gave life to Real Madrid in the Champions League, but against Villarreal he committed two rude errors that ended in a goal and weighed down his team.

Matches like the one made at La Cermica they agree with those who question this improvement of a contract, claimed some time ago without success. It ends in 2025 and in the club they do not see the reason for this renewal of a contract with two and a half years to go. The situation that he lives puts him in the situation of being rumored meat.

Regardless of what can happen with Fran Garcia, formed in the youth academy and sold to Rayo with a repurchase option, the sports management has not looked beyond Vallecas for a possible reinforcement of the left-back, at least for now and waiting for offers to arrive. The rumors are going to happen, since he is a player who could enter a transfer if he does not find the perfect mix between his contract and his performance.

Returning to what was the second league defeat, It is not yet known what Real Madrid played in defense, with inaccuracies in marking and getting the ball out. Mendy insisted on giving Villarreal an advantage, favoring the play of the first goal with a pass to an opponent without being excessively tight and then putting the ball in when Courtois had fixed the initial mistake or so it seemed.

rude mistake

The Frenchman gives balance to the Madrid game system He has done it that way for a long time, but against Villarreal and for part of the season, he has changed it due to the imbalance. Even one against that he saved, ended up complicating his life. It’s not okay.

It was useless for Villarreal to create a chance in the first minute and a half of the game, have two more arrivals and for the Madrid defenders to juggle to get the ball out, because the errors were repeated at the beginning of the second, above with a goal against. And it wasn’t all Mendy’s fault,

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