Real Madrid: Mbapp has seven months to make it clear and in writing that he wants to play for Real Madrid


Alfred Hitchcock has found a great reply to what he achieved many years after his masterful cinematographic work. The one who follows in his footsteps is not a master behind the camera, since he plays soccer. His name is Kylian Mbapp and it must be recognized that he is a number one in football and suspense. His scripts (statements and gestures) of him never show the end nor his true intention. He always leaves the door open to the imagination. He feels loved (I would add that he is also disowned), but he always manages to get everyone talking about him and his possible future and that everyone turn their heads towards the Santiago Bernabu.

On this occasion, the new French film has arrived after announcing thatstay at PSG… until at least 2024. Something that no one doubted. Well, some of them even built a story about his possible arrival in the next few weeks, an option that was never contemplated by the Real Madrid.

This same week the forward was mentioned in Valdebebas, in that meeting that the white dome (Florentino Pérez, JAS and Ancelotti) kept. No, don’t think wrong. The Frenchman has never been on the shopping list for the summer of 2023. At no time, but I know that it is true that his eternal game around the end of the contract and his possible change of team in 2024 forces us to be attentive to everything, as well as the open parenthesis around Benzema and his future.

The big goal for the next summer market is Harry Kane and Valdebebas is seen as very possible, but first many pieces have to be put together, such as the coexistence of two starting center forwards, the arrival of Endrick, the presence of Vinicius, Rodrygo and the shadow of the Frenchman and his possible appearance for next summer, but signed in January and clean of dust and straw. Real Madrid is not going to play their game and the Frenchman knows that. The maximum of not one euro against PSG continues and will remain in force.

If Mbapp wants to play for Real Madrid, he has seven months ahead to decide what he wants to do with his future, but first he must make it clear that that photo of May 2022 next to Al Khelaifi and with the shirt with the 2025 a way of bib in the Parque de los Príncipes, is more false than his account of the previous months.

The forward already knows it. It is in your hand and you cannot make a mistake in a single step because this time Real Madrid, despite the fact that many see his arrival in 2024 as possible, does not plan to mortgage everything around the final decision of the 2018 world champion. It will have to be Mbapp who shows that he is serious and not like on previous occasions.

PSG will once again weave a golden net in its attempt to fulfill that of 2025 and a possible extension, a game in which Real Madrid does not intend to enter. In January 2024, sign or see you later Kylian.

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