Real Madrid: Mark Bellingham, the amateur soccer Cristiano who is negotiating the transfer of his son Jude


C.when the name of Jude Bellingham began to ring in the offices of the BernabeuMore than a year ago, his nationality was the first question that assailed those in charge of carrying out the operation. The British have never finished fitting in well at Real Madrid, starting with cunningham and ending with the legend Gareth Bale, which offered sensational performances in its early years, but which never took off the band of being strange. His final left the club and Real Madrid in general very cold. McManaman he also succeeded in his own way, while Owen and Woodgate they left the white club fast and with more shadows than lights. Only david beckham fully met the expectations created after his signing, without forgetting that Real Madrid spent a good part of their first season flying almost daily between Madrid Y Manchester. Hence, the name of bellinghamAt first, it will cause doubts.

More than a year after Madrid began the approach to the player, the doubts are more than dissipated. The technical reports compensate for any doubts that there could be with his personality, of which there are no doubts either. “He’s ready to play for Real Madrid”. They value positively in the white club the military service that he has done in Borussia Dortmund, where he has been completely Europeanized. “I shouldn’t have an adaptation problem”, point to MARCA from Germany, where they take it for granted that next summer it will change scenery. Returning to England or flying to Madrid are the two options on the table, with the white team fighting to get his contract.

It is destined to mark an era: Bellingham’s new great goal

In Madrid, as has been reported BRANDconsiders that they have taken the right steps, starting with working with their environment and those in charge of looking after the footballer’s interests, with his father Mark Bellingham at the helm.

It is not usually easy for clubs to deal with the parents of the players. Madrid has the most recent example in the Mbappé case, who delegates all negotiations to his mother Fayza Lamari. The negotiations with the Frenchman did not bear fruit as expected, just as in the past the conversations with the father of neymar, who even in two different negotiations came to negotiate a transfer with the whites. Now, it is Mark Bellingham, the father of the Englishman intended by the Madridthe one who leads the conversations for which the next transfer market is supposed to be a great transfer.

Who is Mark Bellingham?

For now, the player’s father is the only one entitled to talk about the future of Jude Bellingham, always under the premise of prioritizing the sports project to the economic one. This is the main asset of Real Madrid, who understands that they cannot fight with Liverpool and City As for the tab. Yes, he assumes that he will have to put an amount on the Borussia table that will go beyond the €110 million, minimum output figure that the Germans have in mind, experts in selling jewelry that they buy at low cost and that they take care of polishing. in his day, Bellingham chose the German club ahead of other succulent offers from the Premier for the work they do with young people. Winning sports bet over other proposals that were economically more attractive. In this case it was a “no” to Manchester Utd to end up in the team in which he became a footballer, after leaving City, a compatriot of his: Jadon Sancho.

Mark Bellingham is the adviser and the reference of the English footballer that Real Madrid wants. “When I was a child, he always gave me advice on football. He helped me learn the basics of the game”, the player told in an interview with The Guardian. Mark, who is now 46, is a West Midlands Police Sergeant and was a predator in the area of ​​the amateur soccer in his country.

“When I was a child, he always gave me advice on football. He helped me learn the basics of the game”

Jude Bellingham, in The Guardian

They say that he scored more than 700 goals in the regional fields of the United Kingdom, data recorded with a photo in the files of the Paget Rangers, a club where he hung up his boots after a lifetime linked to the ball. His son, by then, was already shining in the lower ranks of Birmingham City. “I used to go watch him play”, Jude tells in that interview. “I think you can see from the way I play that I’ve seen a lot of football from a young age, although that toughness of play isn’t what’s here now.”

Image of the English amateur football outlet reporting Mark Bellingham's 700 goals.

Image of the English amateur football outlet reporting Mark Bellingham’s 700 goals.

Section of regional football, Mark Bellingham He now has the greatest young talent in European football on his hands, with all the greats behind him. Valued at 110 million euros for transfer marktIt is estimated that he is the fourth most valued player in the world, in addition to occupying first place in the ranking of midfielders and Englishmen. A jewel that Madrid tries to convince at all costs through the figure of Mark. “Before being great parents, they are great people. I’ve grown up around them and I’ve seen the way they interact with other people, I’ve seen the way they treat people. When you have people like that, you don’t need to be told how to behave, you learn it from them. They are both working class and they filled me in on the things you need to have a good future. You can take those lessons in your personal and social life, but also in football: don’t give up, work hard and if you want something, put in the effort to go get it”, says Bellingham when referring to his parents, Mark and Denise.

His mother, another important factor

Belligham’s mother, Denise, does not carry the weight of the operations, but she is the person who is closest to the player. It was she who moved to Dortmund when the player signed for Borussia, while her father stayed between Birmingham and Dortmund. Because in England, also in the club where Jude was born, the little brother of the Bellinghams plays: Jobe. The 17-year-old has made his debut this season in the first team, which plays in the Championship. International under 18, he still does not have a great weight in the first team, having played 248 minutes this season.

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