Real Madrid: Madrid’s reasons for confidence in Bellingham’s decision


For more than a year, Real Madrid had monitored all the movements of three young footballers because they were underlined on their list of possible targets: Tchouamni, Endrick and Bellingham. Being in permanent contact with their family circles allows them to know their willingness to change clubs and the real options in the event that they decide to make a firm move on their signing. The Frenchman was incorporated last summer and the Brazilian signed two years later despite the tough competition from PSG (which came to offer 90 million despite the fact that the clause was 60), in the white club They had been driving since last summer that English would come out in the summer of 2023 but never before. Both Dortmund and the player had communicated it to him.

However, despite this exhaustive monitoring of the promising midfielder It was not until the last week of December when Madrid decided to face his transfer with all the consequences. That means your hiring goes from being a possibility to being a priority. Juni Calafat has recommended his hiring and They are willing to pay the 120 million or more (100 more up to 40 in variables) that their transfer may costsince Dortmund has not yet set a price but they calculate that they will walk in that strip. The operation has not been accelerated because the main work to channel it has already been done in recent months..

Ace, In Madrid it is considered that paying ten million up or down in variables is a secondary detail in the case of one of the most promising talents in world football, and that what matters is what the player decides.. Florentino and José Ángel Sánchez They believe that the fate of Bellingham will not be the result of an auction, but rather the result of the choice of a footballer with personality. that at the age of 17 he already demonstrated that money does not govern his motivations. In the first months of 2020, Jude and his father decided to go to Borussia Dortmund for their sports project, after rejecting much higher offers at a financial and prestigious level mainly from Manchester United and Bayern, but also from Chelsea, Leicester or Wolverhampton, among others.

That is why those in charge of maintaining contact with Bellingham They have been explaining the white sports project and its strategic plan based on young people for some time.. In addition to his status as current European champion, his legend and the added bonus of the close inauguration of the most avant-garde stadium in Europe, Real Madrid presents Bellingham with a sports project based on four players under the age of 25 who have developed and revalued as white, and who are already among the 15 footballers with the highest market value: Vinicius (3 with 120 million), Valverde (6 with 100), Tchouamni (10 with 90) and Rodrygo (14 with 80). Bellingham, who is already among the elite of world football with his 4th place in that ranking, would be the icing on the cake in this plan to renew the legendary midfield made up of Casemiro, Kroos and Modric. Y the possibility of sharing a season with these last two (or at least with Modric), far from worrying him, is an incentive for a footballer who knows that after paying more than 100 million he will arrive at the Bernabu with a starting band. that and The knowledge that he does not have a special interest in returning to the Premier means that Real Madrid is not worried about Liverpool or City and be optimistic about Jude Bellingham’s decision.

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