Real Madrid: Madrid and the old ritual of Vicks VapoRub


No.or is new to the world of soccer. In fact, it was Patrick Vieira 20 years agowhen he played for Arsenal, the one who began to make the ritual of Vicks Vapo Rub in the chest before jumping onto the field of play. So, it was very striking to see the red shirt soaked and stuck to the chest. “At first it drew a lot of attention and it was even thought that it was something illegal, but it was something very simple… A remedy almost for children”he recently recalled in a soccer talkIArsene Wenger, the coach of that Arsenal who almost ended up patenting the method in professional football. Because the experiment was extended to various players of the Günner team, such as Eboué, Kolo Touré and Gilberto Silva.

The ritual has now been recovered by the Real Madrid players, who stage it in the band in groups of five. Just before the referee signals the start of the match, the madridistas go to the band so that the physios rub the miraculous ointment on their chests, which has no other objective than open the nostrils and decongest. Real Madrid players also put it on their shirts, so that the effect does not wear off during the game and they can use the menthol during the match. “Medicinal vapors enter through the nose and mouth to aid breathing”, they point out from the brand. “It also serves to relieve minor pain in the muscles and joints,” although this is not the case for soccer players, who have other, more effective remedies for this.

Thanks to eucalyptus, which has vasodilator and anti-inflammatory effects, it also helps to improve circulation and improves the delivery of oxygen to the lungs… and to the muscles, which can be a small plus in maximum effort competitions, such as a soccer match. It is one of the main remedies in cases of asthma.

Of course, there is nothing doping about it. The Vicks VapoRub has as ingredients camphor, turpentine, menthol, eucalyptus oil, thymol and walnut oil. A positive cannot appear because of this substance, which in recent weeks has created a stir on social networks due to the use made by players of the real Madrid of this medication. Look, because the image will be repeated again in the Etihad. Just before the start of the match, after the official photo, Madrid’s black shirts will be impregnated with menthol… in order to qualify for the Champions League final.

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