Real Madrid: Jude Bellingham’s heat maps and passes that scare modern football


Jude Bellingham (Stourbridge, 2003) reaches the real Madrid coming from Borussia Dortmund after being chosen as the best player of the Bundesliga 2022/23. A new project begins with the English footballer and the door opens to a possible ‘galactic’ market in a summer of renewal in the white squad after the departures of Benzema, Hazard, Asensio and Mariano.

He real Madrid pays 103 million euros because he considers that Jude is chosen, that he can make a difference in each game and for the beastly competition for their services. Half of Europe loved him and the white team was forced to scratch their pockets for a footballer who can mark an era in modern football. At 19, he has a long way to go to make Real Madrid fall in love… but what he has achieved is to ‘scare’ modern football with his last year in the German team. He is 1’86 m tall, he is a physically powerful footballer, agile and with the ability to repeat efforts… a ‘box to box’ that has given away some heat maps and passes out of all logic.

Let’s remember that he comes from Birminghamwhich is a very long-suffering team and that makes them have a working mentality and always look forward. If there is something that can be said about Jude, it is that he is a much more mature boy than his age.“, thus explained Pep Clotet, discoverer of Jude Bellingham, the mentality of the English footballer on the field of play. His maturity and love for football, accompanied by a superior physique, allows him to cover the entire field of play. A overall midfielder that eats up every inch of the lawn with overwhelming ease. The heat map of his 42 games with Dormund (distributed between Champions, Bundesliga and DFB Pokal) perfectly summarize the words of its discoverer when he was only 16 years old.

Madrid presents Bellingham: this is how the new 100 million signing plays

“It is very difficult to find players of this type because normally one has a very defensive profile and another has a very offensive profile. He is a bit of an all-rounder in that sense, because when he arrives, he comes to you with a lot of quality, a lot of vision of the game, with a lot of association capacity, shooting capacity, he has the ability to head the ball, he has one-on-one, he has the vision to see unchecks behind his back, he has the vision to make them… and then defensively, He is a footballer who knows how to defend a brand, who knows how to stop the opponent from turning, defends you from above and knows how to go to the ground, who is fast and it is very difficult for him to stay off the hook in a counterattack“, a definition that admits of no doubt when looking at the heat map of their passes.

Jude Bellingham lands at Real Madrid for try to become the great heir to the white midfield over the next decade. With 14 goals and 7 assists This season, the English footballer has control, vision, precision, refined technique and above all, a lot of goal scoring. Something that Madrid urgently needed after the loss of goal suffered with the departures of Benzema and Asensio. Reviewing his map of passes with Dormund, Jude has given 3,074 touches to the ball this year and has distributed 2,000 passes to his teammates… but what impresses is to see where he has given them. The question is easy and the answer, although it should be too, is hard to believe. His map doesn’t make any sense… and it’s impossible to find a footballer who can generate play in so many places on a football field. Few pieces of grass were left without feeling a pass from Jude in his last season with Dortmund. A ‘box to box’ that scares modern football.

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